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Volkswagen Lavida 2013

Volkswagen Lavida 2013 Volkswagen's new model Lavida made its world premiere at Auto China 2012 in Beijing.

Launched in June 2008, Lavida quickly entered the A-class car market. Sales volume of Lavida topped 700,000 units in January 2012. After four years the Volkswagen Lavida family was presented with a changed appearance. Like the new Volkswagen Passat, the completely reformed design of the passenger compartment reflects current DNA of Volkswagen.

Lavida's new face has clean styling with highlighted lines. The overall style of the new vehicle fully embodies powerful, modern and sporty design principles. Volkswagen Lavida is available i three versions of the engine and four lines of equipment. The basic version is fitted with standard safety features like ESP, ABS and front airbags. Lavida's new model is designed to meet the needs of end users.

The vehicle uses and incorporates the most advanced technology, timeless design, very good space and high quality manufacturing and excellent price-performance ratio. The new Volkswagen Lavida, looking much like the earlier model, is designed to extend its position at the top with the highest volume segment of the car market. Lavida continues to strengthen the successful position in the Volkswagen A-class car market.

In the future, Volkswagen's corporate strategy will continue to systematically develop styling and engineering in harmony with the preferences of car finders in cooperation with the automotive industry partners. Although car giant Volkswagen produce high quality cars, they do need constant and timely servicing.

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Volkswagen Polo RLine 2012


Volkswagen R offers a new tuning package for the Polo R-Line, and a beautiful interior makeover.

The latest such cosmetic upgrade comes from Volkswagen and its R GmbH division, which have given the Polo a bit of a makeover. The Polo R Line benefits from sportier bumpers front and rear, side sills, a gloss-black grille, tinted windows, upgraded fog lights and an interior with sports buckets, leather-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel, aluminum pedals and black headliner. Of course, the requisite R badges appear throughout so buyers can at least pretend they got the performance model when all they're packing is a 1.2-litre four with 105 metric horsepower that'll takes nearly ten seconds to get them up to 100 km/h from a standstill.

Outside, the R Line sports new bumpers, deeper side sills, 16-inch alloy wheels with 215/45 R16 tyres (up 1 inch from the base car), foglamps, tinted side windows and the all-important R Line badging. It's what the cool kids are wearing these days.

R-Line logo is integrated into the head restraints of the front seats. There is a standard black lining (trim) on the roof, and a leather steering wheel with chrome logo that says R-Line. Attached are the aluminum pedals with a shiny black trim. The R-Line logo can be seen at the front of the car. Additional Accessories for the Volkswagen Polo can be searched for and purchased through


Volkswagen Passat Exclusive 2012


Following the launch of the Volkswagen Polo R-Line in Germany, VW started selling the Volkswagen Passat Exclusive. Volkswagen's customers can choose between two versions of a Passat Exclusive, the sedan and the wagon. A fine line of upholstery that can be selected with the Highline.

The Passat certainly gained status in many important ways. The rear seat is tremendous, bigger than the bench in an Azera or an Avalon, with the kind of ease of entry and exit we're used to getting in a minivan. The trunk's also pretty vast. Road manners are as close to the outgoing Passat as they possibly can be, given the stretch in it's wheelbase, and the automaker's TDI diesel wows even hybrid drivers with an estimated 43-mpg highway fuel economy rating.

The exterior of the new Passat offers superior design and elegance. The car comes with 18-inch alloy Vicenza type wheels. Like the Jetta, the Passat's taken a step back or two from some of the heights of VW's recent past. Its sheetmetal can read elegant and timeless or, in the wrong color or from the wrong angle, dull. The interior's better honed and more finely graded than the one in the Jetta, but only roughly the equal of the cabin in a Fusion or an Altima or a Legacy, and nothing like the outgoing Passat's tightly grained, rich-feeling environment. As it keeps options and models to a bare minimum, Volkswagen's omitted some features in some combinations we'd like to see, even as options. Want a base Passat TDI with cloth seats, satellite radio and a USB port? It doesn't exist.

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2012 Volkswagen Passat


Designed in Germany and America, the new Passat was developed as a larger vehicle with additional services and handling characteristics with will perfectly match the tastes and lifestyle of most Americans. The 2012 Volkswagen Passat is the most affordable midsize sedan on the market. The diesel engine of the Passat TDI is expected to be quite economical for highway driving.

The all-new VW Passat offers three powertrain options. One of them is a responsive 2.5-liter gasoline engine. The second is a remarkably ecological 2.0-liter TDI clean diesel engine, and the third is a  powerful 3.6 VR6 engine. The 2.5-liter, five-cylinder engine with 170 horsepower, which is available for the first time ever in a Passat, will be combined with a standard five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission.

The quiet, four cylinder 2.0-liter TDI clean diesel engine with 140 horsepower option offers the power of a six-cylinder gasoline engine and the fuel economy of a hybrid car. The Passat TDI is expected to have very low fuel consumption when driving on the highway. Volkswagen TDI diesel engines with catalytic NOx storage converters are among the cleanest engines in the world, adhering to emission requirements of all 50 states.

The new Passat TDI comes with option of having Volkswagen's legendary 6-speed  DSG transmission. The VR6 3.6-liter engine with an output of 280 horsepower offers power, luxury and ride comfort with European-type restrictions in fuel consumption resulting is 28 MPG in highway mileage. The new VR6 Passat uses a standard six-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, which is considered the most efficient automatic transmission in the world.

This technologically advanced six-speed transmission with dual-clutch allows the driver to immediately switch gears without the need for a clutch pedal. The result is a clear, quick shift without the loss of power like a traditional manual transmission.


Volkswagen Golf VI Mk6 Typ 5K produced from 2009 till now


The latest model Volkswagen Golf 6 debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 2008, and was designed by the chief designer of Volkswagen, Walter de'Silva. Hailed as an innovation in aerodynamic design, the Golf 6 boasted great fuel efficiency all while running quieter than its predecessor.

There are three trims: S, SE and GT. SE is expected to be the most popular, with a meaty standard spec including 16 inch alloys, seven air-bags, air-con, cruise control, gloss-black trim inlays, rain-sensing wipers, dark-sensing lamps and heated mirrors. As with most German cars you can spend a fortune on extras, but the Golf has lots of good toys on the options list including intelligent cruise control that automatically maintains a distance from the car in front, rear parking cameras, reverse parking programs (you work the pedals, it does the steering) and adaptive chassis control.

The petrol engine range comprises a 79 bhp 1.4-litre, a 101 bhp 1.6-litre and two versions of the 1.4-litre TSI delivering 120 bhp and 158 bhp respectively. The diesel option is the latest common-rail, fuel-injected, turbocharged 2.0-litre already used in the Skoda Superb and Audi A4. It is predicted to be the UK's most popular engine choice and is offered in 108 bhp and 138 bhp guises. Transmissions include five- and six-speed manual 'boxes and the dual-clutch DSG with six or seven speeds.

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Volkswagen Golf V Mk5 Typ 1K produced from 2003 to 2009


The Volkswagen Golf 4 was succeeded by the Golf Mk5, which was introduced in 2003 in Europe. This model did not reach the North American markets until 2006. The base model offered in North America was powered by a 2.5-litre, five-cylinder engine with 150 horsepower, but at a later stage was replaced by models with an output of 170 horsepower.

The GTI version is powered by a turbocharged, 2.0 litre, TFSI engine that produces 200 horsepower. Later, the Volkswagen Golf 5 would introduce a 1.4 litre, turbocharged, TSI, petrol engine with front wheel drive. In comparative tests with other cars of this class, the Rabbit S was named the winner. While it was praised for its excellent driving position, fine instruments, and strong engine, the Golf 5 has been criticized for high levels of noise in the interior, uncomfortable seats, and poor fuel economy.

Despite the negative rhetoric, the Volkswagen Golf 5 arouses great interest in the European market. In 2004 the Volkswagen Golf Plus was introduced, this is a slightly larger version of the Golf 5 with a higher roof-line. Like all owners of new cars, they know that spare parts for the newer models are much more expensive.

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Volkswagen Golf IV Mk4 Typ 1J produced from 1997 to 2004


The Golf Mk4 was first shown to the world in August 1997, followed by the VW Bora sedan, represented in North America as the VW Jetta, in August 1998 and a new Golf Variant (Estate), in March 1999. It was manufactured as the Golf 4 Cabriolet, although the Golf 3 Cabriolet received a facelift in late 1999, consisting of new bumpers, grill and headlights similar to those of brand models Mk4. New high-performance models include a 3.2-litre, VR6 engine with four-wheel-drive, the Golf R32, introduced in 2004.

His ancestors are the Golf V6 4Motion with 2,8 litre VR6 engine, Golf VR6 Syncro with 2.9 litre engine, and the famous 1.8T (turbo) 4-cylinder engine used in the different groups of models throughout the years. In 2008, certain variants of the Golf and Bora Mk4 were still in production in Brazil, China and Mexico. Revised versions of the Mk4 are being sold and marketed in Canada by Golf Sity and Jetta Sity, from 2007 to 2010.

Both models are offered only with the 2.0 litre, 8-valve SOHC, four-cylinder petrol engine with the power of 115 hp and 86 kW. They are the only models available with a six-speed automatic transmission. The production of Golf 4 for the U.S. market ended in 2006, but for the European markets, the production of the fourth-generation Golf lasted until 2003. When the Chinese market Bora received a facelift in July 2006, Golf also became the Bora HS.

Due to the popularity of the Golf 4 and its low price, it is still in production in several countries such as Brazil and Argentina. In our country, these cars are still found on the road, where proposals are phenomenal, allowing you to find new or used auto parts for your Volkswagen Golf 4, with high quality workmanship at competitive prices.


Volkswagen Golf III Mk3 Typ 1H produced from 1991 to 1999


The third-generation Golf Mk3 made its first debut in the market in August 1991, increasing its body size compared to its predecessor. It introduced new engines with turbo and direct fuel injection. That's a TDI 2.8 L VR6 diesel engine. The version of the Golf 2 VR6 engine achieves a speed from 0 to 100 kph in 7.1 seconds and raises the bar for Volkswagen.

For the first time the Golf variant joined the line-up in September 1993, although most markets did not receive this model until early 1994. At the same time the all-new Golf 3 convertible was introduced, replacing the 13-year-old version based off the Golf 1 Cabrio. With this improved style, the Volkswagen Golf 3 continued to be produced until 2001 with only a few minor changes from the 1999 model.

The sedan version, called the VW Vento or Jetta III in North America, was introduced in January 1992. Volkswagen Golf 3 was the European Car of the Year for 1992, ahead of the new Astra models produced by GM. During the years of production Golf III, VW introduced many petrol and diesel engines with different capacities. Statistics show that the Golf Mk3 is one of the most tuned cars in the world.

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Volkswagen Golf II Mk2 Typ 19E produced from 1983 to 1992


The introduction of second-generation Volkswagen Golf, the Golf Mk2 2, was in September 1983. It followed the introduction of the compressor models Golf G60 in 1989 with 160 hp and 120 kW and ABS braking. The second generation Mk2 Volkswagen Jetta was introduced in January 1984. The production cycle of the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Cabriolet continues throughout the production period of the series Mk2.

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