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2012 ABT Audi AS6


Clean lines, quality craftsmanship, modern technology and strict requirements for luxury - it's standard Audi A6 delivery.

Whether you select the sedan, wagon or the universal Allroad, drivers who want their vehicle to be elegant or sporty can be offered a package of the ABT AS6. Engineers of the largest Volkswagen Group developed a tuning upgrade for performance that highlights the features of this exceptional car, to stimulate the sportiness and dynamism.

Bringing economy of diesel engines to the fore, while offering a huge range of power the 3.0 TDI is the flagship of the Audi A6 by the Bavarian company that comes in many different versions. With ABT POWER, the standard 204 HP is converted into a powerful 270 HP. Depending on the supplied engine, ABT POWER can do even more: 300 hp for low-grade diesel with 245 hp or 360 hp and 313-hp for a standard diesel.

Customers who choose the most powerful version of the big diesel engine are rewarded with a huge torque of 700 Nm. However, the 2.0 TDI also boasts high power brought about by the implementation of the ABT AS6 to an amazing level of 205 hp, whilst the standard is 177 hp.

The ABT AS6 boasts many qualities, but mostly it is an elegant sports car. Designers have developed aerodynamic components that not only make A6 sedan and wagon look more confident and powerful, but also improves its driving.

Front spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler and rear apron with tips form the visual and technical unity emphasize the harmony of the design of the AS6. ABT includes electronic lowering by using the ABT Level Control for cars equipped with air springs to make ensure for their owners that sportiness and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The braking system ensures safety even in extreme situations.

This car has great potential. Special wheels on the ABT add to the ideal finish line appearance of the A6.

Audi R8 еTron 2012


Audi R8 eTron is a high-performance sports car with electric propulsion. Four electric motors, two in front and two in the back, are connected to the wheels. With a maximum output of 230 kW, 313 hp and  600 Nm torque, the Audi R8 eTron accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds. The maximum speed of the sporty electric car is limited at 200 km / h.

With the newest technology incorporated into every detail of the car, this car is of very high quality. A liquid cooled lithium-ion battery and power electronics are located directly behind the passenger seat.

This arrangement contributes to an optimal centre of gravity and weight distribution between the front and read axles. The 550-pound lithium-ion battery in the R8 eTron consists of a large number of individual cells with high energy density, which are connected together. The battery provides enough power to cover about 250 kilometers, or 155 miles, according to the NEDC cycle.

When the battery is completely drained, it takes between six and eight hours to charge with a voltage of 230V. With heavier current, the process takes about two and a half hours. The battery incorporates technology called regenerative braking, that allows the battery to recharge whenever braking or decelerating, extending the battery life of the car.

The rear axle provides around 70 percent of the torque in normal working conditions. The Audi eTron incorporates lateral dynamics using the four motors. Selective acceleration of individual wheels and active torque distribution are perfectly calculated.

Under steer and over steer can be precisely offset with small increases in power and braking interventions. Systematic lightweight construction is particularly important for electric vehicles. The body of the Audi R8 eTron is aluminium, designed with the Audi Space Frame technology and weighs less than 200 kg. It helps the high performance sports car weigh a mere 1,500 kilograms.


Audi Q7 Kahn Wide Track project 2012


Staying true to it's philosophy to combine mechanical perfection with exterior beauty is the Afzal Kahn, showing quality in high-tech, club class vehicles with the Audi Q7. Safe and Luxurious, with a stunning new visual appearance.

Using flawless materials and exceptional craftsmanship, this vehicle is truly exceptional. The aerodynamically efficient exterior consists of ventilated front wings, ventilated rear bumper, large upper wing cover, and wide wheel arches.

The car also features vented aluminium foot pedals, interior door sills of stainless still, replacement wings, LED daytime running lights, and a Kahn exhaust system made of stainless steel which present a sense of superiority and style when driving.

The Kahn Q7 features a 3.0-litre TDI diesel engine that enables to car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 8.4 seconds. Equally impressive is the Tiptronic transmission, which improves shifting. It certainly adds to the Kahn Q7's performance.

Air suspension includes control and height adjustment, making the car nimble and stable. Another unique feature of this model is the incredible look of the interior.

Kahn wheels sit perfectly conveying the essence of the vehicles identity. Designed with modern manufacturing technology and materials, 22-inch Kahn RSX wheels give the original finish of the Audi Q7 Kahn. With simple clean likes and purposeful mechanical center, RSK wheels are synonymous with elegance and innovation.


Audi RS 4 Avan 2013


A modern classic Audi returns in 2013. This is a third-generation RS 4 Avant, which combines powerful performance with a high level of everyday practicality. The improved 4.2-liter V8 engine produces 331kM and 450 horsepower combined with seven-speed transmission and Quattro permanent all-wheel drive. The Audi RS 4 Avant uses the same high-revving V8 engine that powers the RS 5 Coupe.

The 4163 cc engine produces 331 kW and 450 horsepower at 8250 rpm with a precise output of 108.1 horsepower per litre. Its maximum torque of 430 Nm is available from 4,000 to 6,000 rpm. The attentive V8 engine in the RS 4 Avant accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in an impressive 4.7 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 250 km / h.

This maximum speed may be increased to 280 km / h upon request. Hand-built at Audi's factory in  Györ, Hungary, the 4.2-litre FSI engine combines impressive performance with exemplary efficiency, averaging less than 11 litres of fuel per 100 kilometers. The high efficiency seven-speed S transmission, which comes standard, helps contribute to the car's high efficiency.

Drivers can quickly shift gears thanks to gear levers and paddles mounted on the steering wheel. For explosive starts, drivers can also activate the system Launch Control.

Just like other RS models from Audi, the RS 4 Avant comes standard with Quattro permanent all-wheel drive. The chassis of the Audi RS 4 Avant made of a very complex design. Many components of the independent front and rear suspension are made of aluminium. The car features new power steering that is a highly efficient electromechanical system  with a direct steering ratio that is high in sensitivity and precision.

The system helps the driver to steer the car better by making slight steering correction when braking on surfaces with different grip. The new suspension tuning lowers the body by 20 millimeters compared to the Audi A4 Avant.  The new 19 inch polished aluminium wheels with ten spokes equipped with 265/35 R19 tires are standard.

Audi offers the optional upgade of 20-inch wheels with 265/30 R20 tires. 20th-tion available in a new, polished titanium look with a five-V-spoke design. Mounted behind the large wheels are the ventilated brake discs measuring 265 millimeters in diameter up front. The braking system is designed to reduce tension quickly and dissipate heat and prevents temperature peaks.

The glossy black calipers have eight pistons and PC sports logos. The ESP stabilization system has a sport mode and can also be completely deactivated. For the front axle, Audi offers the opportunity to order 380 mm ceramic carbon fibre  disc brakes and six piston calipers.

Ceramic brakes are very light, strong and durable.  Audi drive select allows driver to switch between three modes – Comfort, Auto, and Dynamic. These settings determine the characteristics of the steering, transmission, throttle and suspension set up to accommodate how the driver wishes to drive.  The automobile is also equipped with a navigation system.

Another feature of the model is the option to have Sports suspension plus with Dynamic Ride control (DRC). This system helps increase the stability of the car. The sport suspension has three different setting for varied control. The exterior design shows the athletic character of the Audi RS 4 Avant.

LED daytime running lights surround the wedge shaped headlights. The frame of the hexagonal shaped grille is made of a matte aluminium.  When viewed from the side, the car will grab your attention with many subtle decorative items.

The housings of the side mirrors and moldings have a matte aluminium and discreet roof spoiler at the rear, which creates necessary down-force. The two oval tailpipes for the dual exhaust system dominate the rear end and with their uniquely beautiful and well designed diffuser.

Audi also offers a sport exhaust system, surround sound, and black tips as options. Elegant light bars adorn the rear LED tail lights. Audi RS 4 Avant is 20 mm longer and 24 mm wider than the Audi A4 Avant but is also 20 mm lower. A choice of eight colours are available for the new elegant sports model.

The interior of the RS 4 Avant is dressed all in black, except roofliner, which is optionally available in Silver Moon. Chrome buckles subtly accentuate the switches and controls. Carbon inlays come standard and are of a brushed aluminium mat. The standard heated front sports seats, covered in a combination of black leather and Alcantara, come with integrated headrests and are adjustable.

Other options include seats with integrated climate control and luxurious seats with adjustable ventilation. Multifunction sport steering wheel is flattened at the bottom and comes with paddles to change gears mounted on the back side. Buttons and other control elements shine with their aluminium look.

Aluminum inserts adorn the sill thresholds. Audi offers extremely high quality leather packages for all seats as options. Optional equipment includes Bluetooth, online phone system, Internet and many others. The luggage compartment of the new Audi offers up to 1.430 litres of cargo space.


Audi TT RS Plus 2013


Even more powerful, fast and dynamic than any of it's predecessors comes the Audi TT RS Plus in the beginning of 2012. This compact sports car comes in both coupe and roadster versions and stands out with outstanding performance. The car will have a hard five-cylinder turbo engine with 265 kW and 360 horsepower, enough for a maximum speed of 280 km / h.

The 2.5-liter TFSI engine in the Audi TT RS Plus is very high performance compared with the engine on which it is based on. The newly developed turbo engine with direct fuel injection provides 15 more kW and 20 hp more power. The torque is 465 Nm, which is 15 Nm more than the previous model.

Customers can choose between the manual six-speed gearbox or a seven-speed S Tronik gearbox for lightning-fast gear changes. Dual-clutch transmission comes with a function Launch Control, which optimizes acceleration. The Quattro permanent all-wheel drive works with a multi-plate clutch.

The TT RS Plus combines dynamics and efficiency in a very impressive way. Amid the distinctive growl of the five-cylinder engine, the cabin with the transmission function S accelerates from a standstill to 100 km / h in just 4.1 seconds, while a manual transmission in 4.3 seconds. In the Roadster model, 0 to 100 km / h takes 4.2 seconds and with a manual transmission it takes about 4.4 seconds.

The top speed of this car is 280 km / h for all versions of the car. The S Coupe Tronik transmission uses 8.5 litres of fuel per 100 kilometers and the Roadster uses 8.6 litres per 100 km. Among numerous measures to improve efficiency, one of the greatest improvements is the light body weight achieved with an aluminium front and steel rear.

The Coupe model with manual transmission and Quattro drive weighs only 1,450 kilograms. This car has a power-to-weight ratio of 4.0 pounds per horsepower. The ratio of the roadster is 4.2 kg per horsepower. The high quality of the brake system is able to cope with the TT RS plus's powerful engine at any time.

The car features a fixed four-piston unit in conjunction with perforated (ventilated) brake discs that are mounted on the front axle. The Audi TT RS Plus is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels that are painted black with contrasting red RIM flanges. The wheels are fitted with 255/35 R19 high-speed tires. Another option available are the magnetic shock absorbing adaptive controls.

The large, fixed rear wing increases down-force at the rear of the car at high speeds. The single frame radiator grille web is highly polished anthracite with an aluminium frame and a matte look. External housings and Straniyani mirrors are made of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP). The sports exhaust system features two black oval tailpipes.

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2013 Audi A5 S5


The Audi A5 and S5 Coupe and Convertible will implement some great new improvements in equipment and are receiving a not so modest facelift. The changes will be made to the 2013 A5 and S5 models, which will go on sale in mid-2012.

Visually refreshing with the new front grille and headlamp design that bring the A5/S5 models up to date with current corporate design solutions by Audi. Tail-lights and rear bumper will likewise be changed in the new design.

There are 16 new colours for the exterior of the Audi S5 and four new colours for the soft top of the convertible Audi A5. Interior modifications for the new design include new steering wheel, new chrome, new ignition key, new buttons for climate control and white lighting.

A5 continues to use the 2.0-liter turbocharged inline engine with 211 horsepower and 258 Nm torque. The Audi S5 Coupe loses its loud 4.2-litre V-8 engine in favour of the supercharged 3.0-litre V-6 engine.

This new supercharged engine produces 333 horsepower and 325 Nm torque. This engine will be used in both styles of the Audi S5. Other mechanical updates include the transition from hydraulic to electric power steering, which significantly reduces fuel consumption.

The new steering system works in tandem with the new active lane assist. The Audi A5 and S5 both get a new attention assist system with will recommend taking a break if it detects that the driver might be tired.

Both the A5 and S5 Audi Models will go on sale in the summer of 2012. The facelifted 2013 A5 and S5  will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall.

2013 Audi A8 S8


The 2012 S8 is the third generation of S8 models. Although you can trace the S series' heritage back to 1985 where the S1 was part of the world rally championship, do not expect the newest addition to the S series to be anything like a rally car. Audi S8 is expected to be at the top when compared to similar cars in its class such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lexus LS and the Maserati Quattroporte.

Yes, it is the faster than the previous model car, but the raw speed does not make it the leader of its class. Audi S8 weights two tons, which mean the model requires serious braking abilities to help it stop. Audi equipped this model with high quality ceramic brakes. Audi also introduced a new sound system which makes the S8 quieter than previous generations.

So, the S8 is quieter and faster than previous models, but is also much more economical. All around, the new Audi A8 is just a better car than all of it's predecessors. The S8 boasts a Power-turbo V8 petrol TFSI engine under the hood that provides 513 horsepower. This new engine replaces the V10FSI engine in the previous incarnation of the S8 and increases it's output by 69 horsepower.

Pressing the throttle, you can feel the 650 Nm torque that provides superior performance. The S8 accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. Top speed of the car is electronically limited to 250 km/h. Driving this car through slow traffic is like child's play – with the slightest touch of the accelerator you will hurtle past other cars.

Eight-speed automatic transmission is standard on all vehicles and provides incredibly quick and smooth gear changes. The car also features the steering-wheel mounted buttons for speed and gear control. The new Audi S8 feels like a very agile car.

At high speeds, air suspension smooths the ride so the S8 is incredibly stable feeling. The S8 is quiet and fast on the highway, but might not provide enough feedback from the steering wheel for some. Handling is responsive and direct, but it feels slightly artificial in tight corners. The car comes standard with steel brakes, but if you plan to use the car for racing on the tracks, ceramic brakes are the way to go.

The S8 has a system to reduce engine noise, which makes riding in the cab more pleasant. Much more pleasant than other cars of this class. The system is activated when the car is in operation and effectively reduces the noise of the cylinders by 50 percent. This allows the driver and passengers to travel with less noise. Wind noise and road noise are also minimized by double glazed windows and the seats are very comfortable and decent support when taking sharp turns.

The S8 also features the advanced MMI (Multi Media Interface). It is a very easy to use system with large colour screen on the dashboard. This is used to control most of the functions of the board including satellite navigation and the stereo system.

This updated system makes its debut in the A8 and includes an intelligent touch-pad that allows you to write letters and number with the index finger of your hand. The capacity of the trunk is similar in size to the BMW 7 series, boasting 510 litres of space, although the trunk of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is larger.

The new interior design debuted in the A8 and S8, but it shares a similar layout of controls and switches with the previous generation. The car has a unique lever-shaped pedal, and an analogue clock in the middle of the centre console.

Along with the elegant design that gives the interior a very luxurious look, the controls are intuitive and very well laid out. Most of the functions are controlled through the MMI.

The standard quality and finish of material is first class. Standard leather seating and subtle lighting are very classy. Both front seats are electronically adjustable, as you might expect of a luxury sedan, making it easy to find a comfortable driving position. S8 gets a gold star for decent fuel economy which puts it at the front of its class. Maintenance costs are equally competitive of level luxury brands.

The new S8 is not yet crash test rated by Euro NCAP, but Audi generally has good performance in terms of safety models as exemplified by models like the A4, A6 and Q5, which received the maximum 5 star rating. The incredible Audi S8 comes with integrated headrests to counter the risk of whiplash five three-point seat belts, ISOFIX and stability control. All models have a system called Pre Sense, which uses sensors which help avoid collision.

In the event of a car sensing an avoidable collision, the driver will be warned of the danger. The car is also equipped with night vision assistant. Additional Systems included for safety are numerous with the latest technological advancements incorporated. Like their German Counterparts, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, reliability is a key advantage for Audi and the reason why most owners prefer the brand.


2004 Audi A8


The second generation of the Audi A8 second generation has been in production since 2004. The base 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine has been replaced with a new 3.2-liter FSI engine, and it has strong performance with 3.7 and 4.2-liter petrol engine options, with the 4.2 being more appealing to fans of high speed.

There is also a refined 6.0-liter W12 engine that has an output of 450 horsepower and provides impressive performance. Currently, this is the most powerful diesel engine Audi currently makes, although the 3.0-liter TDI works smoothly and is still the most fuel efficient of the three.

All models except the 3.2-liter have four-wheel drive with a six-speed automatic transmission. The adaptive air suspension on the A8 has four settings, each built for a different kind of road and a different kind of driver.

Overall management for such a big car is very good. The A8 cabin is well insulated from outside noise, and proven to be more accessible than its rivals BMW and Mercedes.

All materials inside the cabin are of excellent quality, the tip top for the price. All major controls and instruments are easy to reach, although it will take some time to get used to managing the stereo, satellite navigation and suspension settings all from one console.

The Audi A8 has a huge interior space, especially in models that come with the extended wheelbase. Even tall people seated on the rear seat can experience absolute comfort in this supercar. The trunk is deep, and comes included with all the safety equipment you would expect from such a high-end car.

Eight airbags are fitted as standard, as well as anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution and stability control. Even Audi A8 models with the lowest level of equipment have leather upholstery, climate control, satellite navigation, parking sensors, CD changers, alloy wheels, and voice control.

Audi A6


The Audi A6 has been produced since 2005. The car is available as a sedan or wagon. This car comes with several powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engines, including turbocharged and direct fuel injection systems. Standouts in this class are the 3.0 liter diesel and the 3.2 liter gasoline engine.

Both of these Audi engines are wonderful. These two Audi A6 models are available with 6-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission for the diesel engines only. Some of the A6 models are available with all-wheel drive which will appeal to those who want something sporty.

The Audi A6 handling is really nice and the body tilt is minimized when driving at higher speeds around corners. Compared to their German rivals, the Audi A6 is an expensive investment. On the other hand, the resale price of an older Audi is very respectable.

Reliability of the Audi A6 is not a concern, although there were some problems with the previous model. Everything inside the care reaches for the highest standards. The dashboard is beautiful with lots of features, but the more advanced the features of car, the more time it takes for the driver to learn them.

Audi A6 fits between the large family car class and limosine. There is lots of legroom and headroom in the cab.  The A6 also has a surprisingly roomy trunk. The rear seats can be folded down to accommodate longer items and create more luggage space. The most recent A6 models have a stronger structure and are more secure overall compared to its predecessors.

The standard safety list includes six airbags, anti-lock braking system, anti-skid and stability control. The Audi A6's theft protection is comparable to that of the Audi A8. Base models come with automatic headlights and automatic wipers. Another option with these models is adaptive headlights that shine around corners. Audi S6 comes with a sporty interior.

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Audi R8


The Audi R8 has been in production since 2006. So far, this is the first super sports car produced and released for sale by Audi. It is similar to the Lamborghini Gallardo. R8 is powered by a rear-mounted 4.2-liter V8 engine with direct fuel injection, delivering 420 horsepower. The Audi R8 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in a staggering 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of over 300 km / h.

Since it was first produced in 2006, Audi has incorporated a powerful V10 engine. Audi R8 has a constant all-wheel drive system. This is a sport coupe with excellent balance. This car has a unique grip, broth in straights and corners. Chassis with minimal body roll that is extremely convenient in the racing environment. Furthermore, Audi R8 has amny additional ancillary electronics and powerful brakes to save the driver from trouble in certain situations.

The V8 engine is surprisingly quiet except when driving at higher speeds. Wind noise is minimal, which is good. R8 is a reasonable price compared to other super sports cars. Audi has sold thousands of R8 models. The V8 engine is proven to run smooth. Inside the care, there is great attention payed to detail.

Assembly of each element is very strong, and coating materials used are of very high quality. Many of the items are transferred from other models, but are made a little bit better in this model. There are also many fine interior details that reveal the true purpose of the car, including the elements of carbon fiber and aluminum. This car focuses on a sports theme through and through. Forward visibility is good, but so much is not true of backwards visibility.

R8 is a good choice for people who want to combine pleasure with speed. There is storage space available behind the seats for smaller items and space under the hood for larger items. Four airbags are included standard with the vehicle. However, the most impressive safety feature of this car is the impressive stopping power.

Thieves will take little interest in this car as it is incredibly hard to sell later. R8 is really a super sports car, but the amenities are really extensive. Options include semi-automatic transmission, adaptive suspension, electric seats, and satellite navigation. Production and sales of the Audi R8 are ongoing.

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