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The Cooling System

The cooling system is comprised of many components such as water pump, water heater, electric radiator fins, water chemistry, sensors, relays, etc.. The radiator is a vital part of the cooling system, it is used to cool down the combustion in the engine. It is mainly used in road vehicles, but also in others who are reciprocating engines for railway locomotives, aircraft, motorcycles and others who have a similar engine. The cooling system is powered by a liquid coolant and antifreeze, or water that passes through the engine block and heat. Then it circulates through pipes and hoses and enters the radiator, there the heat disappears into the atmosphere. When the liquid is cooled, it returns to the engine to take more of the accumulated heat and thus cooling the engine performed. This process is repeated until the engine is running, but only when necessary. The internal temperature also has an influence on this process. There are machines that use air cooling, thereby reducing the temperature of the engine. They have an electric propeller that is mounted near the radiator so air is blown through it. Thus, liquid cooled. Upon cooling, the air plays a very important role, because it takes the heat from the radiator. This leads to the need for continuous replacement of heated air with a new cooler. This heat transfer is repeated continuously when necessary. This is the reason to mount the radiator behind the grille or behind the mask in front of the construction machine. When it moves, the air passes through the radiator continuously and thus dissipate the heat that builds up in it. When the vehicle is moving, it then turns the fan that is pointed directly into the radiator, thereby creating an artificial current of air, taking away the accumulated heat.

Choosing Suitable Tyres And Wheels For Trailers

Today you can buy tyres for trailers which are available in standard form as well as for cars. They are mounted on wheels and provide a smooth flow for the trailer as well as your truck, van or car. You will see on our site, the auto parts and accessories section gives you a good selection of everything needed for your trailer. Besides tyres and wheels for trailers we offer bolts for replacement tyres, hubcaps, fastening components and all the most important parts. Through our site you can even find caps for your wheels, which certifies the variety that we have planned for their customers.

If you want to buy certain parts from us, you simply click on the selected item displayed photo in our catalogue and complete information of your vehicle and / or trailer. Due to the fact that our system has recorded hundreds of auto parts trading companies you will soon get loads of offers and huge discounts.

Very often people looking for tyres and wheels for trailers have trouble finding the right sizes. With us there is no such trouble. We will comply with your specific wishes and requirements. In addition, you will get it delivered on time, and for less than what you would pay in other shops. Our plan is to have a site where we offer quality at affordable pricers. We are confident that once you have shopped at out online shop, you will be satisfied enough, that you will come back and make another purchase when needed.

Salvage Yards


Ways that you can protect the environment, is to create the necessary space. One can also go to a salvage yard. Here you will find cars etc that have been involved in accidents. You will be able to find spare parts for any kind of car.

It's nice to see such an offer to the auto pause on it and see what kind of offers of business, because quite often you can be surprised, though, and do not know when you will need to resort to such Service. However do not think to much about this idea. If you have a car such as a Brackman, then you must know of the benefits of this action. You have one or two, not to mention that you can get a good amount a "monument".

First the advantages put the fact that you will contribute to environmental protection, next put unused space to date, which you can do whatever you want, not to mention that you get a good amount of money for something that you do not use. Take the right decision and know that you will be well paid for your scrap. certainly will not be disappointed by the amount received from salvage.

The advantages of the auto requesting cars, is that they will pay you on site, and will also remove it from the property.


Choice and lower prices for spare parts for FIAT


We can provide all spare parts on-line for FIAT that you need. Since our system can make a request and get many deals, the prices will definitely be much lower than other dealers in the country. We work with many auto companies in South Africa, and we are confident that we will find any auto parts you need, regardless of the model of your vehicle.

We ship parts for FIAT across the country on the next working day of the order. You can be sure that we will get good service for any parts that we look for. you will receive the necessary attention from our friendly team.

We work with many different shops since our existence, so we have all spare parts for all models of FIAT, we can say that we have the largest stock in the country. We can supply all kinds of auto parts for FIAT for the following models: Punto, Marea, Brava, Bravo, etc. Not only for them but for any model for which you need a replacement part. is the largest site that offer spare parts on-line. We will provide all the parts you need at a very competitive price. We are connected with many auto-parts including sourcing and we can find what you want at the most favourable price, even if it is whole engines for FIAT. Surely you will not find a more affordable and inexpensive supplier of auto parts from us because we represent many auto and recycling centres.

Here, you will find new and second hand parts for FIAT, offered with a guarantee, but it's a service that you will hardly find elsewhere. We have a very wide range of gearboxes, engines and other parts that will fit your car. The good thing is that everything is on-line, and you can find the parts that you need right now.

How to choose parts for Renault auto Sofia


In mass produced cars, they are quite old and that they need frequent repair to authorized repairers. Usually we have the dilemma of where to find the suitable parts Renault, Peugeot, Mercedes or any other brand at affordable prices.

Solution to the problem of course is there are many of us that can take advantage of the services at Sofia on-line auto spare part shops. However, whether we get better products is a matter of perspective. In most cases, people will pay for worn parts, this is wrong!

This is wrong, to change things we suggest you take advantage of the modern Internet shop for auto parts and Renault all known brand.

While imports of cars from France, Italy, Austria, etc., countries to continue business, you will always find a true partner.

Experience in Western Europe obsolete parts can be recycled and can be reused for something. Renowned companies dealing with the maintenance of the car so submit anything which can be used.

To find the correct spare parts dealers for Audi, BMW, Renault and others, manufacturers can make a request to the new site, which we present here. There you will see a great catalogue which includes chassis, engine, tires, gaskets, brake pads. etc All you have to do is to run a single query, You will get many replies from traders that are registered on-line with our shop.

If you take some time to browse on-line for auto Renault and others, you will come across great discounts, which are very hard to see elsewhere. It is a fact that in any case should not be overlooked because it directly affects your vehicle. Furthermore Used to receive offers and new parts from reputable importers.

Find genuine parts for Volkswagen (VW)


Owners of vehicles from the Volkswagen brand know that they can not maintain there car without the necessary spare parts. What you should know when looking for parts we will try to summarize it in a few paragraphs below. Our tips will help you use the search engine on our on-line auto parts on-line source.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to specify the model of your Volkswagen. This way you get the exact list of VW parts.

  2. The next step is to write the year of manufacture of the car. This way you will explain what parts traders need.

  3. Be sure to note the type of cylinders in your engine and how many they are. This detail is very important so do not miss it.

  4. Mention what your transmission is VW manual or automatic. This will help in finding the necessary parts for your VW.

  5. Another detail is the size of your engine. Under the new brand car, Volkswagens and concrete is marked in litres (1600, 2000, etc.).

  6. Choosing new and second hand on-line parts and VW matter whether the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning or climate control so plug it in and request your desired areas on our site.

Give full details on your car, you will find the VW factory sticker located under the hood of the car. There are written details that will help you when you request the on-line source for auto parts that we present today.

Discover original VW parts at affordable prices and order them directly from the Internet. With our help, you will find everything you need for your car as traders registered with us will send special offers with discounts and promotions. Now visit us and register on the system.

If you are looking for parts for Opel


Our auto parts can be found on all models no matter what you're looking for. In many new and second hand on-line parts dealers who can make you different offers on all parts and accessories for Opel.

We continuously develop to be up to date with everything new on the market. Thus, we can find everything you need. Your request will be seen by all auto and you will get different offers from them.

You'll find thousands of offers about auto brand Opel in; You will find all that you are wanting without leaving your home. You can find all the parts you need on-line and get them direct to a convenient address, without you having to go anywhere. Our system benefits our merchants and professionals daily who seek Opel parts. You too can take advantage and save yourself up to 80% of the cost of parts compared to bids that will get in the online sources.

At they only work with tested parts. They come with a warranty. You'll find used engines for most models of Opel, including the Vectra, Astra, Corsa, Omega, etc. our dealers will find a wide variety of all car parts for Opel for automatic and manual transmission, etc., Whether diesel or petrol cars.

You can make inquiries by completing our on-line form, please put as much detailed information about the parts that you need. You will get the best deals. Our warehouse will have all the stock that is needed, this way they will not run short on stock. Our parts are mostly from car accidents and are still in good working order, available with a guarantee of quality.

Bargain to inquiry parts


Each holder of a motor vehicle is aware that there are no spare accessories, there's no way it should not be maintained in perfect condition. Here's what you need to know when you want to find online spare parts for your vehicle. The text below will assist you in finding certain parts - search for new and second hand online parts.

1. Naturally, the first essential thing is the brand of vehicle.

2. The second important thing to remember when requesting parts, is the model of the car.

3. the year of make of car .

4. The number of cylinders in the engine and their appearance.

5. Is the car a manual of automatic

6. The volume of the engine. It is determined by assessing how the cylinder is placed at the bottom position of the piston. The bigger it is, the more fuel and air will be in the engine. There new cars have engines that are marked in liters of variety of 2000, 3800, 1600, etc. Oldest marked in cubic centimetres - 454, 320, etc.

7. It is essential that you know if your engine fas a fuel injector or carburetor. In harness, the car has a device for fuel injection with a multi-port. In this case, it's a barrel as you can have two, one or four.

8. In choosing parts it is an important fact if your car has air conditioning or a climate control system.

9. Accurate facts about any specification car , you will find it on this single factory sticker that is affixed under the hood, radiator front or inside of the fender. Also, you can find more details of the car on the coupon. With this information available, You can quickly request the team at, here you can find quality parts for all brands.

The site can help you no matter what model or brand of your vehicle. Experts will help you find what you need without having to go out and find it.


Parts for trailers


It is difficult to find the exact parts needed for the maintenance of vehicles or trailers, however, the entire process has been simplified with the introduction of our on-line catalogue at

Through the network you are able to contact dealers in new and second hand parts for your trailer directly. The parts that you find can and will be dispached to the location of your choice in a time frame that suites you.

We offer this service absolutely free to you. You will incur no costs with using our portal at As you can find parts at a discount of up to 70% using our site, it makes sense to go to our enquiry section right now and find the parts you need.

Based on extensive experience in the field of trade in parts, we created the portal in support of various owners of vehicles with trailers. This is a great opportunity to solve your problems with spare parts using the easiest method available on-line.

From now on all you have to do is relax in your chair and let the suppliers come to you, taking the stress out of parts and accessories hunting for you trailer.

Used and new parts for construction machinery


Our intention today is to offer a more unusual web-portal to provide you with great offers for your queries about new and second hand parts for your construction equipment and machinery.

Our on-line inventory is associated with multiple sales representatives who will find all the necessary new and second hand parts for your construction machinery.

Our catalogue will give you the opportunity to explore many important areas such as computers, engines, chassis, cables, connectors and many, many more.

The effect is this: you do request for your necessary new and second hand parts for construction machinery. within 48 hours will be provided with quotes from various suppliers tied to your request. Discounts are large, and for this reason our site is one of the most popular to this day.

Regardless of your type of construction equipment you are searching for new and second hand parts for construction machinery, they can be found through our partners who have registered as our on-linesuppliers.

All available parts and accessories are available on our pages, but we want to remind you that you will get a real opportunity to find used or new overhead cranes, electrical appliances, soft links, signal jars, tires, security alarms, and more more accessories.

What we can contribute to your success?

The complete list of items can be found on our website at The reference for building your technique is fast and simple to use. The application form to be completed is very easy and it is important to remember that no quote sent to you is a commitment to purchase. You must choose the best deal to suite you.

We wish you every luck in sourcing your new or second hand spare parts for your construction machinery.


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