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Fiat Viaggio 2013


The debut of the all-new Fiat Viaggio sedan is no doubt one of the eye-catchers at the international motor show in Beijing.

Fiat Viaggio symbolises the perfect road trip, marked by passion and style. Inspired by Italian design, the new Fiat Viaggio displays modern fashion elements, highlighting an enduring classic added to the passionate Italian legend. Designed by Style Centre Fiat Group in Turin, Fiat Viaggio has a timeless, clean and expressive exterior design, which combine an oval shapes with strong proportions.

The modern face of Fiat provides unmistakable brand identity. The new LED tail lights provide radiation of the highest quality. The Fiat Viaggio is nice and cozy inside and out, with a different Italian style. The Fiat Viaggio designed to be a global compact sedan unlike any other in this segment. Unique dimensions make it lower, wider and longer. With the architecture and platform upon which it is based, the Fiat Viaggio allows it to be the most dynamic car in its class.

This advanced vehicle sports an elegant silhouette. Plenty of elegant chrome gives a very sophisticated look to the Fiat Viaggio. On-board features include a unique interior design, while the dashboard boasts a clean performance in applications of two-tone beige and black combination of colors using premium materials. The balanced presence of chrome plated elements add a touch of brightness and sophistication.

With dimensions of 4,679 mm in length, 1,850 mm in overall width and a 2,708 mm wheelbase, the Fiat Viaggio sets itself as the new C-segment benchmark.

With this car, Fiat presents the best of the technology itself. The new four-dour, five-seater sedan Fiat Viaggio is based on the architecture of CUSW (Compact USA Wide). This is the most advanced car in the Fiat group, and it is the basis of the new Dodge Dart, which was recently presented at the Detroit Auto Show in January last year.

With excellent driving dynamics, outstanding safety and uncompromising levels of equipment, Fiat is prepared to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers with a unique combination of power, fuel efficiency, refinement, new technology and vehicle dynamics. The Fiat Viaggio will be the only car in its class that offers an extremely complex 1.4-litre turbo charged T-Jet engine.

These engines provide the performance that can be expected in larger engines without compromising on fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. There is a choice of Fiat's six-speed dry clutch transmission or a five-speed manual transmission.

Fiat Freemont 2012


Based on the Dodge Journey, the Fiat Freemont was the first Fiat car created in joint partnership with Chrysler. The Fiat Freemont will be produced in the Mexican plant of Toluca, where the Fiat 500 is produced for the U.S. market. The new vehicle combines flexibility and practicality with its own distinctive and original style.

The vehicle is 489 cm long, 188 cm wide and 172 cm high, which is enough to guarantee outstanding interior space. This Fiat features one of the best wheelbases in its category (289 cm). The Fiat Freemont guarantees maximum roominess, comfort and versatility due to the 7 standard seats with a third row of roomy accommodation for passengers.

Entering the car is easy, as the doors can be opened to a 90 ° angle. The Freemont will be front-wheel drive, powered with a turbo diesel engine with 140 hp, or a 2.0-litre Multijet engine with an output of 170 hp, both with a standard manual gearbox. Later, the model will be made available in 4x4 versions with either a 170 hp, 2.0-litre Multijet engine, or a 276 hp 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine that will be available with an automatic gearbox.

With the exception of the powerful 3.6 litre unit from the Chrysler Group and the automatic transmission, all units were produced and developed by FPT - Fiat Powertrain. The dynamic characteristics of the car is also improved by the development and implementation of special suspension and configuration management. Driving comfort is further guaranteed by significant improvements to passenger compartment soundproofing.

Fiat 500L 2013


Fiat has presented the first official pictures of 500L, the new model will be fully unveiled at an international exhibition in Geneva on the 6 March this year. The L is the latest addition to the range of 500 models, which takes elements of the Abarth and Cabrio models and introduces a model that is able to meet different customers' criteria.

Passenger space provides a combined feel of a small SUV and B class performance car. The new Fiat Model combines the typical characteristics of different categories cars to create a distinctive alternative to traditional B and C class cars.

With the 500L, Fiat demonstrates creativity with functionality. The new 5-seat is 414 cm long, 178 cm wide and 166 cm high. This is a further development of the concept car, Multipla 600, introduced by Fiat. It is truly a forerunner of the concept of compact cars.

Made in the Fiat factory in Kragujevac, Serbia, the 500L is the first Italian style car that demonstrates flexibility from a functional design and modern designed engine that puts the Fiat 500L at a high level in terms of efficiency.

The Fiat 500L will be introduced in Europe in the last quarter of 2012. Initially, two engines will be offered- 1.4-litre TwinAir petrol engine and a turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet II. Combined with the latest technology Fiat has to offer, making it a great purchase.

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2012 Fiat Panda


The 2012 Fiat Panda is the third generation of it's model. The first generation was launched in 1980 and to date the first two models have sold more than 6.4 million copies worldwide. During this time the Fiat Panda has built a reputation as one of the best small cars on the market. Even at first glance, this model is certainly more attractive than its predecessors.

The car's exterior and interior itself is already modern, stylish and made of better materials. Also, the new Fiat Panda offers more storage space than previous models. The small car comes with either a TwinAir petrol or a Multijet diesel engine.

Both petrol and diesel type engines offers low operating costs with surprisingly good performance. There are three engines available for Fiat Panda models, two petrol engines and one diesel. One of them is the 0.9-liter Turbo petrol TwinAir. This engine put out 84 horsepower and 145Nm of torque, which is more than enough for such a small car.

The acceleration of the car from 0 to 100 km/h per takes 11.2 seconds and has a top speed of 173 km / h. The second proposed gasoline engine is a 1.2-liter Fire Evo II that has 68 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to its 100 km / h in 14.2 seconds with a top speed of 165 km / h. The only diesel engine available is a 1.3-liter Multijet with a power output of 74 horsepower.

The diesel engine runs very well and is relatively quiet. The accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.8 seconds and has a top speed of 168 km / h. Although the Panda is a small car, it is actually quite spacious inside. There is decent space for the driver and front passenger. The rear provides room for two adult passengers, but might be uncomfortable for taller passengers.

Most of the space comes from the high profile of the small Fiat Panda. Wind and road noise are impressively minimal for a vehicle of this size and shape. The Fiat Panda 0.9-liter TwinAir is one of the most competitive options when it comes to fuel economy. This model has not been tested by Euro NCAP.

The previous model has four stars for safety, So we can expect that this newest model will match or surpass this rating. All models will probably be two standard airbags, ABS and ESP. The Panda seems to be well built and is respectably reliable.

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Fiat Stilo 2001


The Stilo is a model by Fiat which has been in production since 2001. It is available only as a hatchback. There are a number of drivers who have bought these cars over the years. The base 1.2-liter petrol or the 1.9-liter turbo diesel do not offer spectacular performance, but is still very suitable for city driving.

The 1.9-liter turbo diesel engine provides 115 horsepower and is a good choice for drivers who want long distance savings. Another option is the 2.4-liter gasoline engine which provides 170 horsepower. The suspension of the Fiat Stilo hatchback is not very good, though, and it certainly cannot compare with that of it's competitors.

Nevertheless, the wheel rotation helps makes it convenient and easy to park. All Fiat Stilo engines run smoothly but the turbo diesel engines are quite noisy. Even still, acceleration and high speed sound is more pleasant than annoying. You will not hear much noise from wind or the road in the city, but it becomes a problem on the highway. The best thing about the Fiat Stilo, is that the price is very low.

It is practical, but the resale price falls sharply because of unreliable mechanics. Most of these cars get great economy mileage, but do not expect to save money on the 2.4-liter model. Inside the cabin, some of the materials look good but others things feel cheap and the overall build quality is below average among the cars of a similar class.

Most drivers will find the Fiat Stilo comfortable to drive, as the steering wheel and the seat can be adjusted easily. All controls are within easy reach on the dashboard, but it is overloaded with small switches, especially with higher specification models. This can be distracting while the driver is trying to find what he needs. Fiat Stilo has some good points, though. The five-door model is one of the best in its class.

There is plenty of room for the head and feet of everyone in the car. The car is even fitted with folding tables for passengers. The trunk is also great and can be expanded by folding the split rear seat two. In the three-door model, space is limited for rear passengers. Fiat Stilo comes standard with four airbags and ABS. More expensive models come with side airbags (curtain airbags).

Parking sensors are also included as standard. Stability control is a system which can be ordered separately. It is also equipped with remote central locking, CD player, electric front windows and air conditioning. If you are willing to pay more, you can get alloy wheels and a better stereo system. The Fiat Stilo continues to be in production.

If you are looking for new or used auto parts for Fiat, you can send a quick inquiry and get a quote with the best prices in SA.

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