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Volkswagen Caddy six new models


Much like the latest Volkswagen vans, nothing much has moved on the Caddy in almost a decade. Some noticeable changes in the taillights and vehicle interior impresses with a new kind of steering wheel and high-quality materials to boot.

The back seats are roomy and can seat four adults, five if necessary, even though getting to the third row can be diffucutl at times due to the shorter section of the 60/40 split middle-row being on the driver’s side of the car Folding the wider section of the middle seat takes much more effort, although it does make getting in the back a lot easier in the end.

There are plenty of cupholders and storage pockets throughout, as well as air-outlets for the middle row. Headroom is plentiful in the back of the Caddy, which is great if your passengers are taller than your average rider.

Of course, the most important difference of the new Volkswagen Caddy is under its hood. The latest model will impress fans of German cars with six new types of engines, four of which are diesel and two gasoline. Capacity of the cars from the first type will be 75, 102, 110 and 140 horsepower, respectively.

The petrol engines in turn are 1.2-liter and their power will be 86 and 105 horsepower. The will even be a more powerful version that is 21% more fuel efficient than before. Specifically for the German market, VW has provided a Caddy model that will work with petrol, and has a capacity of 109 horsepower.

The starting price of the VW Caddy is expected to be around € 13 500 and the model will be put up for sale first in Germany.

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