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Facts about Opel Astra G and where to buy spare parts


The Astra G was launched in Europe in 1998. It is available as a 3 and 5-door hatchback, a 4-door sedan, a 5-door wagon, and two special versions of the 2000 - Astra Coupe and Cabrio. In the Astra G is the introduction of engine power with natural gas. The chassis is upgraded by Lotus and formed the basis of the seven-seat, compact MPV Opel Zafira. Approximately 90,000 cars were produced, of which 7000 were open-top.

The production of the Astra G continued at Opel's plant in Gliwice, Poland, after the debut of the next-generation Opel Astra H, and the older model is called the Astra Classic, like its predecessor. This car was offered in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Turkey, with the name Astra Classic II from 2004 until the end of 2009.

Apart from European markets, these models were sold in Australia and New Zealand as Holden Astra Classic, until they were replaced by the Holden Viva in 2006. Over the years, Astra G continued local production plants in Brazil, Chevrolet. The car was received a facelift in 2003 and sold in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, other Latin American markets.

In Brazil, the Astra G remains as the leader of its segment in sales since 1999. The Brazilian version, the GM 2,0-litre, with a 8V, I4 engine, of the Astra G is equipped with Flexpower technology that allows the car to work with two types of fuel, providing 128 and 140 horsepower at 5200 rpm. In 2004, a Russian joint venture GM GM-AvtoVAZ  launched the GM-AvtoVAZ Chevrolet Viva, Astra G version with four doors.

This model was sold by Chevrolet dealers in Russia. At that time, Opel dealers were selling the new version Opel Astra H. Sales were originally weak, due to high pricing. Series Astra G Coupe with a V8 engine has been used in DTM. These cars were specially designed for the purpose and use them as race cars.

A sports series model of the car is powered by 4.0 Litre, V8 engine, with nearly 500 hp and 370 kW. Opel performed poorly for several seasons of DTM. The Road models of the Opel Astra G are quite liked cars in our country.  The Opel Astra G road car is well designed and built.

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Opel Astra F and the largest selection of auto parts for model


The Opel Astra F debuted in October 1991. The successor to the Opel Kadett E donned the name Astra, which was already used by Vauxhall for models Kadett D and E. The car is available as a three or five-door hatchback, a sedan and a wagon variant respectively. A convertible model was designed and built by Bertone in Italy.

Major changes over the years include exterior styling and the availability of new specifications. For Opel Astra one of the leading models was the GSi 2.0 L I4 16V with a Benziniv engine that had 151 horsepower and 110 kW, which is available only as a three-door car. Moddelat also comes with sports bodykit and extended front seats in the interior.

However, this modification was replaced in 1995 and was renamed Sport, a more modern version Ecotec, the X20XEV with 136 horsepower and 100 kW parallel C20XE replaced it. In Europe in 1994 all Astra models come with a 2.0 L 16V Ecotec X20XEV parallel with the engine 2.0 L 8V - C20NE, but models with 3-door wagon could be selected with C20XE engine powered by 151 horsepower and 110 kW .

The Opel Astra F was replaced by the new generation, Astra G, in1998. In our country Opel Astra Fs are still found on the streets. They are preferred because of their low price and reputation for durability.

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Opel Astra OPC 2012


The presentation of the new sporty compact coupe Opel Astra GTC will be in the summer of 2012, taking the form of a high performance OPC (Opel Performance Center) variant. The Astra OPC will be powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with direct fuel injection. Power characteristics are: 206 kW/280 hp and maximum torque of 400 Nm, and with those parameters that the Astra OPC can reach a top speed of 250 kph.

Previous models of the Opel Astra have never been as fast as this. The whole chassis of the sports car has been specially designed in accordance with the best traditions of the OPC. The design is geared especially towards lateral dynamics and superb handling qualities. The sophisticated front suspension HiPerStrut (High Performance Strut) of the Astra GTC helps it to achieve this goal.

Given its predecessor’s generally rowdy disposition, it’s a surprise how easy it is to live with the new 2012-spec Astra VXR. The ride feels generally compliant, the seats are comfortable and positioned thankfully much lower than before, the engine pulls lustily even if you’re feeling too lazy to change gear and, despite a large 70 mm pipe from the manifold back, the exhaust note never drones or sounds too loud.

If you need to do the 9-5 and the fun stuff all in one day, there are no problems here.

When the model launches this spring, it will start at 34,250 euro, which is the recommended retail price in Germany, including VAT. The price includes the following kit as standard: AFL+ adaptive forward lighting, Navi 600 navigation system, Two-zone automatic air conditioning, Park assistant at the rear, 19-inch lightweight alloy OPC wheels, On-board computer with selected performance data, LED rear lamps and tinted rear windows.

One feature of the Astra OPC which deserves special mention are the new high-performance race seats which incorporate cutting-edge, weight-saving materials for the first time in a production car. The use of organic injection sheets with composite material reduces weight by 45 percent. The new seat boasts up to 18 different settings and has a lower seating position and enhanced side support.

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Opel Ampera 2012


The revolutionary Opel Ampera has celebrated its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. General Motors Europe, presented the electric car with extended-range plans and announcements by putting the car into production in late 2011. Opel Ampera will be offered with right-hand drive in the UK by sister brand Opel, Vauxhall.

For journeys of 25-50 miles, with a fully charged battery, you can be satisfied with the knowledge that you’re running on pure electricity. The lithium-ion batteries in the Ampera offer 2-3 times more power than the NiMH (nickel metal hydride) versions found in conventional hybrids. So, there’s plenty of juice on full charge, but when they become totally depleted, something happens...the 1.4 petrol engine swings into action to power an electricity generator, which tops up the electric motor’s battery. With this system, you can drive on for up to 310 more miles!

The electric motor is powered by electricity stored in the 16 kW hour lithium-ion battery. When the battery runs out, electricity from an engine-generator extends the Ampera to over 500 km of range overall. Opel Ampera can be charged through contact powered 230V, that  every household has in their garage.

GM Europe is analysing the requirements of a recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles Plug-in energy companies, including Iberdrola of Spain. The revolutionary Opel Ampera, will be the first car from the brand without harmful emissions in Europe suitable for everyday driving. The Voltec electric propulsion system provides lively acceleration and high levels of refinement throughout.

The Opel Ampera comes with five doors four seats for passengers, and gives the driver confidence and peace of mind. Unlike cars powered by conventional batteries, the electric car Opel Ampera eliminates the scope of anxiety attached to the technology, giving confidence to  that the car will not suddenly power during movement.

Engineers researching at the development centre in Mainz-Kastel Germany are testing the battery around the clock for 365 days to ensure that it will meet the expectations of customers. The nearly silent electric drive unit delivers 370 Nm of torque, the equivalent of 150 horsepower. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kph takes about nine seconds, and the top speed will be 161 kph overall. Opel Ampera will be a perfect car for the daily driving schedule of most European customers.

For example, approximately 80 percent of German drivers travel less than 50 km daily. Early evaluations of the Opel assume is that it will cost about one-fifth compared to conventional vehicles with gasoline engines if fuel prices continue to rise.


Opel Vectra 2003 2008



The new Opel Vectra has enough space for the whole family, and the Opel Vectra C was produced between 2003 and 2008. The car was available as a sedan, hatchback or station wagon. This car received a facelift in 2005, and the current Vectra C model will now be replaced with the new Opel Insignia. Opel Vectra C has a strong attraction still though, with its1.9-liter turbo diesel engine, delivering 150 horsepower that keeps a very good balance between acceleration and fuel consumption.

The Opel Vectra C has more driving comfort than its predecessor, although handling the car does not give enough feedback to the driver, especially on twisted roads or bad weather. Brakes on the Opel Vectra C are excellent, and the new Vectra keeps a well-insulated cabin. You will hardly hear noises coming from the outside, and even the sound of the engine remains in the background until it is forced up at high speed.

The Opel Vectra C is offered at a very competitive price. Running costs are reasonable, and residual value are much better than the Ford Mondeo. Internal parts and elements of the new Vectra are made of higher quality and materials than the styling and design it gets from the team at Audi. Soft and comfortable seats and controls are facilitated in the foreground.

All controls, switches and buttons do their jobs precisely and accurately. Opel mostly has a good reputation for reliability, so no need to be afraid of any kind of failures. Unlike the old model, the new Vectra has all the adjustments on the wheel and the seat, and the most important thing to not about this car is that it is much more spacious than anything else that's come before it.

Opel Vectra C is a true five-seater car, however it should be known that taller adults will have mild limitations in the rear. Front side airbags and curtain airbags are standard. Moreover, the new Vectra includes a liberating system of brake pedals, head restraints with anti-whiplash,  and the most advanced braking system.

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Opel Corsa 2000 2006


Opel Corsa C, produced from 2000 to 2006. 1.0-liter gasoline engine is not preferable if the car will drive a highway. 1.2-and 1.4-liter petrol engines are nice and flexible but also quite sharp and semi-automatic gearbox is best avoided. 1.3 diesel is really good and desirable bike when it comes to Opel Corsa C.

On earlier Corsas, specifications were always surprisingly basic and you can struggle to find power steering or a passenger airbag. So unless you are trying to keep the insurance group low, then steer clear of the Club or the Expression. Better to trade up to the Comfort or Life. Alternatively, on the early cars GLS and CDX specifications are the ones to have. Power steering was standard only from the GLS and sporty models and makes the Corsa much nicer to drive. On early 2000 models the Elegance brings in alloy wheels and air conditioning making the little car easier to live with. Well the air con does anyway.

Reliability should not worry about the specified owners Corsa, Opel because it has high reputation in the area. interior is solid enough, but not so classy, ​​while newer models Opel and many of the main rivals of the Corsa. The basic version comes with anti lock braking system and the airbag for the driver, but nothing more.

The high-speed ones probably have too much power and they don't handle it well, so the smaller 1.4 SRi is better than the 1.8. The latest VXRs are pricey but excellent fun.The 16-valve engines are the most flexible. For power and economy choose from a 1.2, or 1.4. In fact, the revised models from 94 and particularly from 97 are much nicer to drive.

Key controls are close to the driver, but the stereo controls are at an awkward distance. The distance of the front seats is reasonable, but in the rear seats passengers are slightly limited. The boot is a good size and the rear seats fold forward to allow more practicality and luggage capacity overall.

However, they can be folded completely, making it difficult to fit bulky items. The base models aren't very well equipped, and too many of the key features are not available, but nevertheless can be ordered separately.

Production of the Opel Corsa C, completed in 2006. The successor of this model is the Corsa D, which has some similarities with the Opel Astra that has been in design and manufacture since 2006.

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