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Nissan Micra DIG S 2012


In the heart of the new Micra lies a truly remarkable engine specifically designed to meet the low emissions and daily needs to fulfill the modern world. When the engine of the new model Nissan Micra DIG-S is used in contemporary combination with direct fuel injection and turbo technology, the results are astounding to say the least.

Traditionally, diesel cars have always been more economical than their petrol equivalents. Until now that is, because Nissan claims that its latest fourth-generation Micra can return an incredible 76 mpg. This remarkable achievement is all down to an ultra-clean and efficient new 1.2-litre petrol engine with auto stop/start technology, coupled with an all-new lightweight chassis. The doors and boot feel light and a bit tinny, although this is all in the name of efficiency. By minimising heat and friction as much as possible, combined with an unusually high compression ratio of 13 to 1, the engineers at Nissan have created a machine that sets the eco standard for the rest of the industry.

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2013 Nissan 370Z


Nissan debuted the revised 2013 Nissan 370Z at the 2012 Auto Show in Chicago. The new Model of the Nissan Z features a number of enhancements designed to keep the legendary sports car fresh and exciting. For 2013, Nissan 370Z will again be available as a Coupe, Roadster and NISMO Z-configuration.

NISMO 370Z also added a new Bose audio system. The package includes two additional speakers and subwoofers. Bundled with the new model are 19-inch wheels with a dark finish. The NISMO 370Z added a new front apron, front and rear reflectors and a Midnight blue exterior color.

Since the Original Z model was introduced in 1970, Nissan's goal has always been to keep moving forward with design. Changes to the 2013 Nissan 370Z are subtle, but go a long way in improving dynamic external and internal appearance.

Both in 2012 and in 2013, the 370Z Coupe and 370Z Touring Coupe will be available with the standard 332 horsepower 3.7 liter DOHC V6 engine and choice of 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The Nissan 370Z Roadster and 370Z Touring Roadster are to be offered with the same engine with 6-speed manual gearbox. Only the Touring model is available with 7-speed automatic transmission. Nissan NISMO 370Z has a specially tuned suspension and unique super-lightweight forged wheels.

The 3.7-liter DOHC V6 engine is combined with an exceptional H-configured design, newly tuned exhaust control system and optimized ECM (engine computer module). This model boasts 350 horsepower with 279 Nm of torque.

The car is available with only one type of 6-speed manual transmission with SynchroRev Match.

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Nissan GT R NISMO GT3 2012


International Automobile dealer Nissan announced the official release of the Nissan GT-R (R35), which corresponds to the regulations of the FIA GT3: Nissan NISMO GT-R GT3.

NISMO and JR Motorsports (JRM), have become official partners for this major project, jointly developing the car during 2011, and after a series of extensive tests which include competitive performance and endurance, proven credentials have been released for GT3 racing worldwide.

The Nissan NISMO GT-R GT3 features a 3.8 V6 twin-turbo engine that is based on the standard version of the road car, with 523 horsepower at 6400 rpm. This power is delivered through a six-speed semi-automatic transmission system. The car has rear-wheel drive, and brake and chassis modification inspire trust the driver, wherein control of the car can easily be corrected by matching sets of preferences.

The car was shown in the UK Autosport International show on January of 2012. Unique sport vehicles appeared alongside GT1 Nissan GT-R, which won FIA GT1 World Championship 2011.

Technical Specifications - Nissan NISMO GT-R GT3 Length: 4780 mm Width: 1998 mm Weight: 1300 kg Engine: VR38DETT: 3799 cc Power: 537 hp (390 kw) at 6400 rpm Torque: 612 Nm at 5200 rpm Wheels: 18 x 13.0J

Nissan Micra 2002


The Nissan Micra has been in production since 2002. The characteristics of the Micra are modest, but the car is nimble enough to handle city traffic with no problems.

You need to know that cars with automatic transmission have slightly slower acceleration. Despite the small wheels and short wheelbase, the Nissan Micra rides quite well. The suspension is a little harder than expected, but it comes with better vehicle stability to compensate. The Micra handles surprisingly well for a city car, although body roll is always present.

Wind noise is heard at high speed. The noise of the engine remained well controlled at fifth gear, keeping the engine speed low even on the highway. The running costs for the maintenance of Nissan Micra are average, and the car has relatively low fuel consumption.

However, after the vehicle is purchased, within three years the Micra will be worth less than half of the new price. Micra has a great reputation for durability and reliability. The quality of the materials and elements in the interior of the car is low, but the airbags are standard across the entire range of equipment for Nissan Micra.

The most disappointing is that the anti-lock brakes did not come in the list of options. There is no means of adjusting the position of the steering wheel or seat height, even though the main controls are easy and convenient to manage.

The Micra model five-door is practical, although the legroom and headroom for passengers seated in the rear is slightly limited. It has an average boot capacity of 371 liters, which can grow to 584 by folding the rear seats.

The Nissan Micra is available in three trim levels. All models come with servo power steering, side impact protection locks and protection for children in the rear doors. Some models have electric front windows, central locking and metallic paint. The high-end features and electric power mirrors and stereo. Generally cars Nissan Micra, reliable and durable cars.

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Nissan Primera 2002 to 2008


The Nissan Primera was produced between 2002 and 2008, and is available as a 4-door sedan or 5-door hatchback. The entry-level 1.6-liter petrol feels underpowered for a large car. The 1.8-liter petrol is keen, the refined 2.0-liter unit is the star performer. An improved 2.2-liter turbodiesel performs well, but is only relatively economical, as it's competitors in this class with similar characteristics offer even lower fuel consumption.

The Primera received a new front suspension, which made it more comfortable to drive, as it absorbs most of the bumps at speed. However the low-speed ride is firm comparing with it's rivals. Steering is very light.

It's cabin is well isolated from the outside noise. The road noise is kept away, and the engines are inaudible as well, except coupled with automatic gearboxes while accelerating rapidly. There is some wind rustle present, coming from the rear doors, but it does not make you feel uncomfortable.

The Nissan Primera offers reasonable running costs. It is also famous for producing solid and reliable cars and engines, but recently it's competitors started to offer better warranty conditions. Unfortunately it's resale values are very weak.

SX trim adds rear electric windows, satellite navigation, cruise control, larger alloy wheels, automatic wipers and CD multichanger. Sve model adds heated seats, leather upholstery and xenon headlights. T-Spec model is equipped with intelligent cruise control and constant monitoring of tire pressure.

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