Terms of use of the services available through www.findspares.co.za

I. Purpose of the site.
We are the largest website for spare parts in South Africa. It's used by hundreds of car dealers in the country who will provide you with offers on the parts you're looking. For this purpose it is necessary to specify the criteria for your search and leave your contact information. WWW.FINDSPARES.CO.ZA is an intermediary in the transaction. All claims about the quality and performance guarantees are from the supplier and the courier company.

II. Use of the website.
Using the site WWW.FINDSPARES.CO.ZA in based on conditions specified below. If you disagree with these terms, you must cease all use of the website immediately. You can print and save a copy of these terms for personal reference as a legal agreement between you and us, which may be changed without your consent.

III. Terms of Use.
WWW.FINDSPARES.CO.ZA is a site where you can inquire about replacement parts. It's free. You are assured to find the necessary bids sought on new or used parts for motor vehicles in South Africa. Perform the following actions:

Asks for spare parts stating all the necessary parameters.
By making the request, you agree to provide basic information about your vehicle make, model, year of manufacture, engine capacity, descriptions and any additional information necessary to find the necessary part.
Provide your personal contact information consisting of your name, address, postal area code, email address, fax number, mobile or landline phone number for contact.
By completing the application, you agree to give all the necessary information to the supplier of spare parts in response to your inquiry.
All prices and inquiries will be kept on our site for 72 hours after request.
We do not guarantee that the parts and price will be reserved for you. If an order is not made in the short term, it is best to make a new request.
When ordering a complete engine: Customer must state what accessories are required. If a request is made for a "complete engine", that means head, block and sump. This does not include additional accessories as they can be sold separately.
Seals and tags: Please do not violate the integrity of the parts that have special seals and markings. Violation of the integrity of parts is not recognized under the terms of warranty.
Make sure you check everything carefully before signing for delivery.
If it turns out that the supplied part is damaged during transit, refuse the delivery and contact the dealer from which you purchased within 1 business day.
When ordering a gearbox: gearbox should be loaded with new oil upon installation. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a breach of warranty.
Any attempt to advertise without the knowledge and permission of the webmaster is prohibited!

Access to the site is provided free of charge under the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement:

We strive to ensure access to the site 24 hours a day. We are not responsible for events arising from natural disasters, terrorism or acts of war that are beyond our control.
For reasons beyond our control such as change of administer to the site, changing domain, etc.., there may possibly be suspension of access without notice.
In the event of such circumstances, we will endeavor to minimise their effects in a reasonable and practical way.