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The alternative to the expensive auto parts second hand


In South Africa, the cars have an average life span of 18 years. This means that the majority of drivers have older vehicles that require more maintenance and need more repairs. Although the value of older cars is lower than the new,  they break down more often which certainly has an impact on the financial position of all owners of these older models. Regardless of how old your car is, it will need replacement parts. Second hand car parts are preferred by most people because they are readily available and affordable.

Their prices in many cases may be so low that they are 80% cheaper than new as sold by official importers. Every day we add new cars to parts of EU members, mostly from the UK. Their cars are cheap because they are right-hand drive, which makes them very difficult to sell. These automobile parts are imported mostly from there because most parts are for other cars are left hand drive.

This is very advantageous for consumers who can find many cheap parts for their cars. In a country like Britain, the damage to the vehicles is estimated much higher, due to the expensive cost of labor in the workshop. Very often, even slightly damaged cars are measured as total damage and are sold at auctions. At these auctions has a very strong national presence.

Constantly importing cars from there dismantled and sold in parts, selecting only those that are healthy and maintained. This trade is much practiced globally is very popular. Even this is encouraged because this saves the production of new parts until they are spent in the old limit. This can be even used as accident damaged cars.

There are sites that request search and quotes of used and second hand parts in SA also now available. You can run a query for the chosen area and to verify her many auto that are in different locations. This will save time, you have a better chance to find the needed part, and besides, you can select the most advantageous price for you.

Hidden issues for gas installations


Liquefied petroleum gas is a notorious symbol of the lower switching costs per kilometer by car. This is mounted gas drive system and now much cheaper. In this article I will try to explain in brief the hidden costs, because each salesperson trying to sell your product, hiding the truth from the buyer.

One of the essential things to know the consumer is that why LPG is used in the car. Therefore, by my rough if you drive a car under 10,000 KM, placing the system it does not make sense. This goes for big bikes that spend more than 15 liters per 100 kilometers.

How long will you use the car? No one drives cars 20 years, an average change of about 3-4 years. How far will come together for this period?

At what distance driving cars with CNG systems? Modern cars can ever be herded gas - as always keep going on gasoline and heated only when you pass gas. Because, if you drive a lot, but for short distances, saving is not particularly large space in the trunk.

As for the space vehicle and the gas system, once said, "We put in place the spare tire", but where it goes? Became, normal summer gas system to take the place of the spare tire, which is home to the terrace to have space for luggage. What if a flat tire? Is not it more appropriate to buy a small bottle, which more often to charge?

Cost of use. All gas appliances need maintenance, even those with gas injection. It is not only the initial investment. Evaporator and the filters are damaged her quite often, even if not in use, because they have very sensitive membranes. This increases the cost. We looked at a few aspects that need to pay attention to make the right decision. This way you can be green and economical.

Piston rings valve seals bushings and other parts


Some, but not all, engine  pistons can be replaced if worn.  The pistons are subjected to constant movement while driving, at a temperature of over 2000oC. Therefore, they can degrade and wear out over long periods of use. Replacing old pistons must be made with just the right part for the specific vehicle.

Piston rings, also called seals, are usually in groups of three. Their role in the car's engine to form an airtight seal between the all piston itself and the piston chamber, or cylinder. Piston rings (forks seals) are vital for the proper operation of the engine in conjunction with engine oil, fuel mixture and combustion process inside. Because of the extreme conditions in which they operate, piston ring  engines can be partially or totally damaged or worn.

You also need to replace the piston rings if you replace the pistons of the engine. If you are searching for repair kits for the cylinder head, you've come to the largest and most secure site for auto parts, where you can request, at low prices, thousands of parts and components for your engine.

With our online spare parts catalogue you can locate  all types of pistons, valves, seals, gaskets, rods, head bolts head, main and conrod bearings, crankshafts, etc for you specific engine. With us, you can send a message all the suppliers of parts for your vehicle requesting a quote for the parts you want.  You can then select your parts and compare quotes from all of our registered suppliers depending on your specific requirements.

Water pumps for commercial vehicles and heavy trucks


Water pumps in motor vehicles are a very important part that helps the engine to operate at the required temperature. Car engines and truck engines create high temperatures caused by the burning of fuel in the cylinders, and the cooling system is not working properly can cause serious damage to the engine. The water pump is located at the front or side of the engine behind the radiator fan.

The function of the water pump for cars and trucks is to pump water from the engine to the radiator to regulate the temperature of the coolant. Centrifugal force caused by the water pump sends water or antifreeze in the engine block and the cylinder heads before it goes back into the radiator. If you notice that there is a leak or loss of coolant and, as a result, overheating the engine, immediately visit a radiator specialist to correct the problem.

In such reported problems where the water pump is not functioning correctly and the engine overheats, it becomes important to replace the water pump because engine failure may not be repairable. Note that the water pump is a consumable for your vehicle and life is not eternal.

As service intervals, when checking engine oil, pay attention and watch for any gasket leaks from the water pump or other parts of the cooling system. Never underestimate the seals, especially, when it comes to the water pump gasket. Water pump seals are essential to seal the cooling system of your engine allowing it to run efficiently.

Proper control of the operating temperature of the internal combustion engine is necessary to maintain its good condition over the years of operation. If the water pump gasket leaks note that the cooling system has been compromised and it is time to replace it with a new one.

  In you will find water pumps, gaskets, pipes, etc, for each make and model of car, truck, SUV, agricultural machine or motor. You can source them all at affordable prices.

Air filters for cars trucks SUVs and motorcycles


Few people realize the importance and functions of the air filter on a vehicle. Implementation and operation of your engine depends on the finely balanced combination of air and fuel. Dirty air filters can lead to pollution inside the engine, and thus can choke or damage the engine. It is important to check regularly the condition of the air filter in your car. Experts recommend changing the air filter with every major or minor service, usually once a year.

Your car air filter prevents air pollution from reaching the combustion chamber of the engine. With a suitable air filter for you vehicle elements such as debris, dust, leaves and other abrasives cannot find a way into the engine cylinder, where it can mix with the lubricating oil to form abrasive compounds and wear the engine much faster than normal.

It can wear the cylinders, pistons and bearings, causing permanent damage to the engine block as well, so the air filter must not be beglected.

Reduced access enough air into the combustion chamber can cause the internal combustion engine of the car or truck to run rough and lose power due to the incorrect mixing ratio of air and fuel. We recommend using the correct air filter for your car, van, truck, motorcycle or truck.

When changing the air filter be careful and install it correctly. At we can help you find genuine air filters at the lowest prices for each make and model of vehicle. Why worry about findig the right air filter? We are here 24/7 to help you by giving you a unique online service to quickly and easily find suitable air filters. Send your request for air filter now and you can buy you required filter at a special price to suite your pocket.

Request Tyres Online

04/09/2012 is a national network of independent dealer’s casings which believe and know that you deserve and need to get the best tires you are absolutely safe when driving your vehicle. site specializes in:

  • Selling car, truck, off-road, bus, motorcycle and many other types of tyres.
  • Dealing a wide range of tyres.
  • Finding all types and models of tires to meet your needs.

We know you're busy, so we created this system for quickly and easily finding tyres online. We want the search to be simpler, secure and a pleasure for you. The first thing we do is to quote tyres with the lowest prices. You will find that our online prices are very competitive,  giving you complete freedom of choice of where to request them. Thanks to our site, you will not have hidden, or unexpected costs when it comes to ordering tyres.

Our online inventories to search for auto parts and tires lets you choose your tires online; select your preferred delivery time and most importantly to pay when your tires are delivered. We will not make you wait too long because all dealers and suppliers of tyres are proven  partners for From casings traders who work with us, you can get expert advice what tires and what size you can put on your vehicle.

Rest we assure that you will be recommended to get tires with the best prices that fit your car and  suit your driving conditions. The most important function of the tyre has to be road safety, and this is why we ensure that we deal only with the best possible suppliers. This way you will be able to drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle will press on safely to your destination in wet, dry, icy or snowy conditions.

With tyres inquired from our website , you will be able to enjoy the benefits of improved fuel efficiency, higher performance, better tyre grip and better environmental performance as well as durability and longevity of the tyres themselves. With, you can be sure you made the right choice. Request tyres online from us now!

Wheels and Tyres


We work with a large network of suppliers of tires and wheels that stock all  brands, types and sizes of tires and wheels. You have a complete choice of steel or alloy wheels. In you can find the tires and rims that match your vehicle. You can be sure that our tires and wheels are the cheapest in the SA online market. Save up to incredible 80% discount on dealer prices by sending free request for each model or make of tires and wheels to hundreds of retailers and auto suppliers, who will check for the availability of your requested item and  send you an offer with the lowest prices available.

Then you can directly  contact your chosen supplier and place your order. The most favorable prices of tires and wheels for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, tractors and motorcycles are via us. We will find you the best tires and wheels to make sure you are safe when you're traveling. We work with great professionals in this field who can provide the best quality and the wheels and tires of your choice at unbeatable prices.

Types of wheels

Some of the suggested wheels for cars, vans, buses, trucks and motorcycles are alloy wheels, which are made of aluminum or magnesium. The earlier makes of alloy wheels were made from magnesium alloy. Later versions are made from aluminum. The positive side to the use of aluminum wheels is that handling, stability and traction with the better road surface improves.

You will find alloy wheels that can range from 13 inches to 22 inches for each type of vehicle will have a choice with a variety of sizes. You must be very precise and order the correct size needed for your car. All kinds of aluminum and steel wheels can be found here in This can be done quickly and for free by filling out the correct vehicle data. Request wheels and tires for your vehicle now and save yourself some money!


Types of tires

There are three categories of tires: Summer tires perform well in dry or wet weather on our roads in our hot summer conditions. Winter tires have a larger range and are designed for traveling in snowy and icy conditions. All- season tires are best for summer or winter; you should be able to perform satisfactorily on wet and icy surfaces. These are very rare is South Africa however due to our warm climate, so you should not need to worry about winter tyres at all.   Often Check how worn your tires are with a  tread depth gauge, and if needed replace them. These checks are usually done for free at most reputable tyre dealers around the country. To find the best prices on all types of tyres via, please enter the correct amount sought. Find the widest range of wheels and tires available through our website Send your request for tires and wheels now!

Second hand diesel pumps with low prices


Find the cheapest and highest-quality diesel pumps online here. Whatever the diesel pump for car, truck, van or SUV you are searching for, we will find it in minimal time, saving you money. Our system is easy to use and clear to you, our customers. This makes the process of searching for fuel diesel pumps online hassle free. We save you time and money, giving you direct access to all of our auto part. We do all the work. Select the required diesel pump as part of the inquiry by specifying details of your specific vehicle and factory part number. The largest online parts catalogue for diesel pumps is right here.

Information diesel pump

The diesel pump is a part of a diesel vehicle without which it cannot work. This part is responsible for pumping diesel fuel from the fuel tank to the filter and the engine combustion chamber. The mixture of diesel is very different from that of petrol. There are diesel powered mechanical pump and electronically controlled diesel pumps. The type of diesel pump you request will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. This part is vital to pump fuel to the combustion chamber, and if not working properly, your vehicle will suffer and may be seriously damaged.

Due to the nature of the mixture of diesel fuel, the pump is designed to work only with this fuel. Make sure never to put petrol in a diesel tank, as this can have a detrimental effect on different parts of the diesel engine. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle you can find the pump exactly for your diesel engine through the site. Here in, we aim to help you find the correct pump in this unique area. We also have many other spare parts related to the fuel system, so you can check out our online parts catalogue to find these parts.

Second hand gearboxes and spare parts prices


We have a wide selection of gearboxes and spare parts with low prices for all makes and version of cars, vans, trucks and SUVs, amongst others, that are ready to be shipped to anywhere in SA. You can easily find cheapest gearboxes online using our quick search for parts at, and find the necessary repair kits for transmissions at incredible prices.

We have all kinds of high quality automotive gearboxes and many other car parts like esp locking differential sensors speedometer casing for the gearbox, transfer case, transmission pads, gear levers and many more. All new and used spare parts for the gearbox are backed with a 100% guarantee. With thousands of auto spare parts stored in our online catalog, is the largest system of finding a second hand car parts online.

Buy gearbox parts offered to you to restore the an old transmission and get your vehicle back on the road. In our search for the parts, you can find second hand transmissions for Audi, BMW, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Nissan, Volkswagen, Fiat, Ford, Dacia, Chrysler,Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Skoda, Mazda, Volvo, Scania, Man, and all other brands of cars, buses, vans and trucks.

So you have a rare car, and you can not find the transmission for it? Do not worry; you are at the biggest online scrapyard for gearboxes. Our team at know that the gearbox is one of the most important parts in your car which should work flawlessly. Used gear boxes offered by us are of a high quality standard and will allow your vehicle to travel hundreds of thousands of trouble-free kilometres.

We can give you any kind of gearshift, which can help the driver to change gear with ease and convenience. We have available gearbox transmissions with 4, 5 or 6 gear. Most transmissions in modern cars have six gears, but older cars have 5 gears or even four gears.

Inquire at very attractive prices with great discounts up to 70-80% of our transmissions parts for trucks that have many ratios for fast and slow speeds. Know that the gearbox on each vehicle has many parts, which are interrelated, and the failure of even a single part or component can cause major damage. So repair any gearbox problems in time to save money.

Used Parts for Trucks


We can help you find new and used parts online for spares for your vehicle. Our system has the largest quantities of second hand parts for Mercedes trucks, Scania, Daf, Ford, Toyota and all other brands. Our national network gathered hundreds more truck spares online allowing you to locate used original parts for trucks with guaranteed quality and a long life span.

Also, helps you save up to 70% of the cost of truck parts. When you send a request for the necessary parts for trucks, you will receive deals from registered dealers in our network with at most competitive of prices. Now find cheaper parts for Volvo, Man, Ford, Peugeot, Renault and many others truck brands. We can also source all the body parts , truck panels, electrical systems, on-board computers , hydraulic systems, etc for any make or type of truck.

We have an online inventory of used truck engines and transmissions for trucks. The lowest prices for truck gaskets and filters are available through us. To can find used Toyota truck spares, Volvo truck spares, Daf truck spares, Scania truck spares, Ford truck spares, Chevrolet truck spares, GMC  truck spares, or truck spares for any of the other truck brand. Please fill in the parts required to search our site. Select a model and year from the drop down menu and click Next Step. Trust us and you will be pleased when you see how much money you'll save through our site,

Our online scrapyard for trucks works 24/7, giving you security when requesting spare parts online for trucks. Here, you will find parts for European vehicles, American trucks and more. If you are inquiring about  truck exhausts, clutches for trucks, overhead cranes or pumps, you are in the right place. Now use our search engine for your truck part requirements!

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