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TVR is a British automobile manufacturer based in Blackpool, England. TVR stands for "Trevor", the first name of the founder of the automobile brand, Trevor Wilkinson. TVR manufactures lightweight sports cars, which consists of a tubular steel frame body made of fiberglass. The cars are typically powered by six-cylinder inline engine. Also, though rarely used engine V8. TVR was founded in 1947 by a young engineer, Trevor Wilkinson.

The first car specially designed chassis and engine Space Frame, Ford was founded in 1949. First sales of cars TVR coupe with fiberglass occur in the U.S. in 1956. In 1962, TVR is included with two cars on the 24-hour Le Mans race track Sebring, located in the U.S. state of Florida. The following year presented the first TVR Griffith, who is actually Grantura, modified chassis and large American V8 engine under the hood.

This vehicle is looks similar to the AC-Cobra-Liga and compete with Jaguars and Ferrari cars. Over the next few years in 1966, the company TVR showed growth. In 1970 TVR moves office in Bristol Avenue. In 1972 was introduced M-series, which sold well in the seventies. M Coupe car was turbocharger engine fitted with convertible three-door and. M Turbo was the first British car with a turbocharger.

TVR Tasmin was introduced in 1980, which seems, unlike his predecessors and much more modern. 2.8 liter engine in the vehicle is a Ford. The car is available for sale as well as a coupe and convertible. In 1982, the company's management was taken over by Peter Wheeler. He immediately began development of the first TVR cars powered by V8 engines to Rover. New TVR history begins after five years with the introduction of the S-series. S-series surface like the M-series, but this was a completely new car, which doubles because of its low price, the annual production of the brand TVR.

The first TVR Tuscan Challenge was sold in 1989 at Donington. The first modern and very successful model of Griffith was introduced in 1992. The following year TVR Chimaera went into production. It is considered the most popular of all models TVR, because there are more than 10,000 cars made and sold. The first TVR designed and built with the designed engine, Cerbera was introduced in 1996.