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Clutches for Cars

A driver can control the speed of a vehicle with a manual gearbox.With a pressed clutch, the driver of the vehicle is able to shift gears in the gearbox. Using the clutch is useful in specific circumstances. When the car is in first gear, the variations in engine speed lead to large changes in acceleration and engine load.

However, when clutch control and careful use of engine speed are combined, gears of the car can be changed slightly, allowing a smooth ride when changing vehicle speed. Once the car reaches the appropriate speed, the clutch can be fully engaged and the speed can be controlled by changing the speed of the engine or partially releasing the clutch again if necessary.

The clutch is the part of the car which controls acceleration when changing gears, while reducing the chance of engine block. Even during normal use of clutch, the life of a clutch can be worn down fast. Excessive use of the clutch and incorrect use can result in even faster wear and cause further damage.

As an example, young and inexperienced drivers will often times keep their foot on the clutch, resulting in constant pressure on the clutch and ultimately wearing it out faster. Here, we should mention that gives you the opportunity to choose from among the best prices and brands of clutch kits or spare parts like thrust bearing, drive clutch lever, Clutch disc clutch and others on the market.

ClutchFord Focus 2009
14795 Rand (ZAR)
ClutchMazda 6 2008
6595 Rand (ZAR)
ClutchSuzuki Swift 2006
2795 Rand (ZAR)
FlywheelMercedes 230 1996
1750 Rand (ZAR)
FlywheelHonda FR-V 2010
2500.00 Rand (ZAR)
FlywheelSuzuki Alto 2010
1500.00 Rand (ZAR)
Clutch Salve CylinderFiat Panda 2006
1500.00 Rand (ZAR)
ClutchFord Mondeo 2002
2650 Rand (ZAR)
Clutch Salve CylinderFiat Palio 2003
795 Rand (ZAR)
ClutchFiat Palio 2000
3670 Rand (ZAR)