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A convertible is a type of car in which the roof can be folded and retracted behind the seats or in the trunk, creating an open car. Convertibles come in many different styles. Convertibles are a luxury type of car lead but their accident rate is higher than that of similar model sedan and wagons.

Open cars are significantly lighter than sedan and station wagons. Convertibles used to often be produced with four doors, but with the later models, four door convertibles are made less frequently. The roof of a convertible can be operated manually or automatically via hydraulic or electric actuator.

The roof can be made of soft or rigid material. The design of the roof can vary widely. Convertibles can be split into two types - soft and hardtop. A convertible hardtop can be made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and plastic materials.

Parts for a convertible roof that can be purchased include: sensor ceiling convertible switch, electric motor, convertible locking mechanism for soft-top, convertible hydraulic pump, a framework for soft ceiling relay convertible, hydraulic cylinder for soft ceilings and many other parts.