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The cooling system of the car is a combination of many elements, such as water heaters, water pump, water chemistry, electric radiator fins, relays, sensors and many others. The radiator is an essential part of the cooling system and is used for cooling internal combustion engines. Mainly, these are used in road transport vehicles, but also in other reciprocating engines, aircraft, railway locomotives, motorcycles or similar vehicles using this engine.

The cooling system is supplied with hot liquid medium in the form of water or antifreeze going through the engine block where it is heated and then circulated through the tubing going through the radiator itself where it loses heat to the atmosphere. Once the liquid has cooled, it is again taken to the engine to collect more of the accumulated temperature. This cycle is repeated continuously while the engine is running, but only when needed.

An important factor in this process is the outdoor temperature. Also, some cars and other motor vehicles use air-cooling. Power blade fans are mounted near the radiator in this type of vehicle and it blows air through the coolant. Air is an important part in the process of a cooling system because it takes the heat from the radiator. Warm air needs to be replaced by cooler air continuously.

As already mentioned, the process of heat transfer remains constant. Therefore, the radiator is often behind the mask or grille at the front end of the car. As the car moves, the air flow passes through the radiator and constantly takes the accumulated heat. However, when natural air flow is insufficient, a fan pointed directly at the core of the radiator transfers cool air through it, taking away the accumulated heat.

Engine Oil CoolerChevrolet Cruze 2013
4995 Rand (ZAR)
Water PumpNissan Skyline 1989
995 Rand (ZAR)
RadiatorBMW X5 2010
3995 Rand (ZAR)
Engine Oil CoolerFiat Punto 2013
5500 Rand (ZAR)
A/C SwitchKia Sedona 2008
2995 Rand (ZAR)
A/C Compressor PumpVolkswagen Golf 6 2009
7995 Rand (ZAR)
ThermostatFiat Bravo 2009
595 Rand (ZAR)
Water PumpFiat Bravo 2009
995 Rand (ZAR)
A/C CondensorAudi A8 2012
3500 Rand (ZAR)
A/C CondensorAudi A8 2012
3500 Rand (ZAR)