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From this category at you can request information about multi CD changers, CD players, CD panels, satellite navigation antennas, navigation display, radio antennas, subwoofers, amplifiers, and many other components for the audio system of your car. In modern cars, the primary control device for an audio system is commonly referred to as player and is mounted in the center of the dashboard between the driver and passenger. In older vehicles, audio components were an option, such devices were mounted externally or under the dashboard.

The system itself is usually a multifunctional device that consists of many types of components, some of which are mentioned above. The most common components are a radio / tuner usually with AM and FM frequencies and a small amplifier to control audio signal to the speakers. Other possible components include various media devices, such as in cassette tape player (in older vehicles). More modern cars use a CD player, DVD player, USB flash drive, and even other portable external hard drives or memory sticks that are connected to the car player enabling it to read information.

The speakers in the car are specialized for use in mobile environments. One major key design difference is multi-axial speakers installed with speaker and tweeter mounted directly to the subwoofer. Specific materials are used in the production of car audio speakers. More expensive audio speakers may have corrosion resistant coating. Speaker membranes are coated with special materials that resist expansion and contraction under high temperatures in the interior of the vehicle.

Subwoofers can also be found with applications used to reduce to the desired low frequency. In most modern cars, speakers are mounted in certain common areas such as the dashboard, columns, doors, ceiling or behind the rear seat. Subwoofers are usually mounted under the seat or in the trunk. Each position has certain strengths and limitations, including sound quality. If necessary, For car audio equipment, you can safely trust the search engine