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Car Alarm

A car alarm system is an electrical device installed in the vehicle in order to deter and prevent theft of the vehicle or anything inside. Car alarms emit a loud sound, which is usually a siren, horn, pre-recorded verbal warning or a combination thereof.

A Car Alarm activates emergency warning lights, and combined with loud noises, they can alert the owner of the vehicle of malicious tampering or intrusion. Car alarms can be installed in different ways depending on its brand and grade.

Car alarms should not be confused with immobilizers, although the purpose of both devices can be a deterrent against theft of the car. Immobilizers differ, as they do not supply audible or visual warnings against theft or forced entry into the vehicle. Alarms can be divided into two categories: OEM and Aftemarket. OEM alarms are installed by the car factory.

Aftemarket car alarms are installed at any time after the car has left the factory, either from the dealer  that sells the car or its owner. Each alarm has a combination of features. A car alarm can be activated or deactivated via remote control. The was the alarm is activated vary widely depending on the make and model of the car and the make and model of the alarm itself.

Spare parts of car alarms are designed to be universal and are compatible with all 12-volt electrical systems, rather than being designed for each car manufacturer. We guarantee that you will find everything you need at for alarms, switches, remote alarms, alarm sirens, central mechanisms, relays, switches and central parts of many other class protection and alarm.

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