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4 x 4 - wheel drive

AWD 4WD or 4 × 4 (four of four) allows a vehicle to use the engine torque to drive four-wheels separately. The term four-wheel drive typically describes larger passenger vehicles. Some of them allow the driver to manually switch (sometimes with an automatic option) between a unit or two axes.

In this mode, one axle transmits torque to only two wheels when driving on the streets. The other option is four-wheel drive mode, for low traction conditions such as ice, mud, snow or loose gravel and sand. Although many people associate the term with a 4 x 4 off-road vehicle, it is available in many different classes of vehicles. AWD provides better control over the car than normal cars with front or rear-wheel drive on the road and plays an important part of motor sports, and other races.

The abbreviation “4 x 4” refers to the total number of wheels and the second digit indicates the number of driven wheels.

4WD and AWD fall into four categories: F4, which is front-engine, rear-wheel drive for the 4WD and AWD layout. R4 is a category of rear-engine systems for all-wheel drive layouts. FF4-T is a front-mounted engine and front wheel drive transverse for an AWD layout. Finally, FF4-L, which is a front-engine, longitudinally mounted with front-wheel drive and AWD layout.

Drive ShaftSuzuki SX4 2012
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