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Mercedes Benz is a German company engaged in the manufacture of vehicle engines, cars, vans, buses and trucks. Mercedes-Benz is a part of Daimler AG. The company is the inventor of the first gasoline engine Benz Patent Motorwagen, patented in 1886. The first vehicles with Mercedes Benz brand were produced in 1926, following the merger of Karl Benz's and Gottlieb Daimler's.

The first plant built outside Germany after WWII was in Argentina, producing buses and vans. Mercedes Benz is one of the first producers of motor vehicles, which introduced many new technologies and safety measures, which were later used on other cars. In 1958, Studebaker Mercedes Benz gives access to a car dealer network in the U.S. for a commission for each vehicle sold. Mercedes Benz in the U.S. is estimated at over 30 million dollars.

By 1994, Mercedes Benz used an alphanumeric system for categorizing their vehicles, consisting of approximately the same serial number on the engine in liters multiplied by 100. Since 1994, cars are divided into classes. Mercedes Benz has a wide range of passenger, light and heavy trucks. Production is in full worldwide. Mercedes buses are manufactured primarily in Asia and Europe.

Production in the range of vans for Mercedes Benz is very high. Smart city car brand is also part of the Mercedes-Benz Group since 1994. The production of the company's Maybach brand was started in 2002. Between 2003 and 2009 Mercedes Benz produced in limited quantities sports car McLaren. The engines of McLaren-Mercedes are used in Formula 1. Mercedes Benz is one of the best-known and established automotive car brands in the world. If you have to mention what is the oldest car brand existing today, there is only one - Mercedes Benz.

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Fuel Pressure RegulatorMercedes 126 1982

5600.00 Rand (ZAR)
Fuel Pressure RegulatorMercedes 126 1982

350.00 Rand (ZAR)
Electric Door MirrorMercedes E Class 2000

989 Rand (ZAR)
Electric Door MirrorMercedes E Class 2000

989 Rand (ZAR)
BatteryMercedes C 200 2007

1414.00 Rand (ZAR)
Ignition Coil PackMercedes 200 1995

399.00 Rand (ZAR)
Piston Mercedes A 190 2001

2250.00 Rand (ZAR)
Air Flow Mass MeterMercedes 200 2002

1200.00 Rand (ZAR)
Fuel Pump RelayMercedes 260 1989

2000.00 Rand (ZAR)
Shock AbsorberMercedes CLK 2004

1751 Rand (ZAR)