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MG Car Company is a former British sports car manufacturer, which was founded in 1920. MG has been in continuous operation for 56 years after its creation, except for the period during World War II. Mostly manufactured two-seater MG sports car factory in Abingdon, some 16 km from Oxford. MG Car Company gets its name from Morris Garages, which were dealers Morris Oxford. Morris Garages began to design their own customized versions after their accession to the company as sales manager in 1921.

According to the company the year 1924, although the first cars with MG logo come out before 1923. The first cars manufactured by Morris were premises in Alfred Lane - Oxford. The earliest model MG 14/28. The great interest in cars has forced the company to seek larger premises in Bainton Road in September 1925. Continued expansion and contributed to another move in 1927 and enter into separate factory in Edmund Road, Cowley - Oxford and first production line running.

In 1928, the company has become large enough to warrant their identity and creates MG Car Company Limited. In the same year, MG brand cars were first displayed at an exhibition in London. After the 1929 models are designed MG TC, MG TD, and MG TF. MGA appeared in 1955 and displayed in the MGB in 1962. Followed by the MGB GT and MGC 1965 between 1967 and 1969. 1973rd year's MGB GT V8. In 80s, they created new and modern cars.

Rover Group revived two-seater in 1992. All new MGF go on sale in 1995. After May 2000 MG Rover brand was acquired by Phoenix Consortium and has formed the new MG Rover Group. MG range was expanded in the summer of 2001 with the introduction of three sports model based on modern cars Rover. MG ZR is based on the Rover 25, MG ZS Rover 45 and MG ZT Rover 75 a. In 2011, MG launched a new model named MG6 GT.