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Kia Motors is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company is the 2nd largest car manufacturer, with sales of over 1.4 million vehicles in 2010. The company is partly owned by Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. Kia is the oldest company in the South Korean automaker. It was founded on 1944, as a manufacturer of bicycle parts and steel tubing. In 1951, Kia began building complete bicycles.

Later began manufacturing motorcycles beginning in 1957, trucks from 1962 and automobiles in 1974. The first plant of Kia car assembly was opened in 1973. In 1986, Kia began its partnership with Ford. The first Kia car sale in the U.S. was in February 1994. In 1997, Kia has declared bankruptcy due to Asian financial crisis.

In 1998, Hyundai Motor Company acquired 51% of Ford Motor Company, which is owned by interests from Kia Motors since 1986. After successive divestments, Hyundai Motor Company owns less than 40% of the company shares. Since 2005, Kia has focused on the European market. Kia has a network of distributors and dealers in 172 countries around the world.

Kia Motors America is the American sales and marketing division of Kia Motors Corporation based South Korea. KMA deals a complete line of vehicles from end to end more than 640 dealers for entire the United States. In 2008, KMA recorded its 14th consecutive year of improved U.S. market share. In 2009, Kia began production at the first U.S. Kia Motors plant, Kia Motors production Georgia in West Point. The facility is building the 2011 Kia Sorento crossover vehicle and the 2012 Kia Optima sedan.

The company has over 42,000 employees. Their incomes exceed 14.6 billion dollars. In 2008, Kia Motors America observes the 14th consecutive year of growth in U.S. market share. In August 2009, Kia was the 8th best-selling car brand in the U.S.. In recent years, Kia is also sold successfully in Europe.

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When the largest Korean automaker Kia Motors e declared bankrupt in 1997, and Hyundai Motor Company assumes 51% of the company. So do not be surprised when you search for Kia parts and accessories for Kia, if parts fall under the brand Hyundai. In the U.S., Kia Motors is known as Kia Motors America (KMA), which is the eighth best-selling car brand in the U.S..

In August 2009 Kia models gain more popular brands like Chrysler and Mazda. Kia have always done possible to improve their craft, as shown by the range of hybrid electric vehicles and recently developed external parts Kia, who contribute to the unique look of Kia. You now have free access to new and second hand online parts for Kia, no matter which model you drive Kia and which spare parts for Kia needs.

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RadiatorKia Cerato 2005

1595.00 Rand (ZAR)
RadiatorKia Cerato 2005

1595.00 Rand (ZAR)
Shock AbsorberKia Cerato 2005

450.0 Rand (ZAR)
Shock AbsorberKia Cerato 2005

450.0 Rand (ZAR)
Power Steering RackKia Cerato 2005

1800.00 Rand (ZAR)
Engine MountKia Rio 2007

450.00.00 Rand (ZAR)
Brake CylindersKia Picanto 2005

150.00.00 Rand (ZAR)
Window MotorKia Sedona 2006

1250.0.00 Rand (ZAR)
Anti-Roll Bar Link RodKia Picanto 2006

250.00.00 Rand (ZAR)
Anti-Roll Bar Link RodKia Picanto 2006

250.00 Rand (ZAR)