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Isuzu Motors Ltd is a Japanese brand car manufacturer, commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. Isuzu company was founded in 1916. The company's headquarters are in Tokyo alone. In 1993, Isuzu stops to export the Stylus its final version of cars in America, after ending sales of the Impulse the year before. In 1994, Isuzu announces new vehicle swap program with Honda, providing Honda with the Isuzu Rodeo to be marketed as the Honda Passport and Isuzu Trooper to be marketed as the SLX Acura and offering Isuzu with the Honda Odyssey to be promoted as the Isuzu Oasis. This has the result of adding together SUVs to Honda's lineup and a minivan to Isuzu's

In 2005, Isuzu became the world's largest manufacturer of medium and heavy trucks produced in the Japanese city of Fujisawa, as well as in Tochigi and Hokkaido. Isuzu is known apart from the production of commercial vehicles and the design and development of the diesel engine. By 2009, Isuzu had produced over twenty-one million diesel engines, which can be found in vehicles around the world. Isuzu diesel engines are used by Opel, Renault,  and General Motors.

In most countries of Asia, Africa and Europe, Isuzu is generally known for trucks of all sizes. After a drastic decline in sales of small cars with class Isuzu, the company waives all sales of sedans and compact cars in the late nineties. In 2009, Isuzu been abandoned by the US consumer market due to lack of car sales.

Isuzu as a corporation has always been focusing manufacturer of small to medium compact, automobiles and commercial vehicles of medium size and larger, but markets around the world, showing the necessity of different needs. Isuzu Motors America discontinued the sale of passenger vehicles in the United States in January 2009. Isuzu sold just over 7,000 cars in 2007. In 2006, Toyota gained nearly 6% of Isuzu, making them the third-largest shareholder after Itochu and Mitsubishi Corporation.

Power Steering RackIsuzu Vehi cross 2006

3000.00 Rand (ZAR)
Front BumperIsuzu D-max 2007

1995 Rand (ZAR)