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Dodge is  American brand vehicles, minivans, and sport utility vehicles, manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC. Dodge is  a multinational manufacturer in a global strategic alliance with Fiat, produced and distributed on the world market by Chrysler Group to more than 60 countries. The company was founded as the Dodge Brothers Company, in 1900. Earlier the company has been producing engines and chassis for the car manufacturers, such as Ford Motor Company. Production of vehicles of this brand was launched in 1914. This year Horace, one of the founders of the company creates the new four-cylinder Dodge Model 30, which also was released as a slightly more luxurious Ford Model T.

In 1916, Dodge Brothers won acclaim for durability automobile. Chrysler Corporation was acquired bought the Dodge brand in 1928 and is now part of the Chrysler Group, which has an alliance with Fiat. It is the 1930th year when Dodge adds new eight-cylinder engine in their cars, adding line six-cylinder engines. The luxury model Dodge D11, out of the twenty-fifth anniversary in 1939.

Dodge’s first experiments with a sport utility vehicle SUV appeared in the late 1950s with a windowed models of their standard panel-truck  called as the Town Wagon. These were produced  in the similar style through the mid-1969s. In 1953, Dodge introduced its new engine V8, which is a compact version of the initial design of the famous Hemi. The new era for Dodge started in 1955. The Dodge brand is also famous for its production of vans and trucks.  The light trucks were produced until 1930, when they added a heavy-lift range. The first compact van from the  series A was released in 1964.

With constantly updated styling and the development of more powerful engines, Dodge is secure market for its products as America discovered after highway travel. Everything changes in the Dodge and Chrysler as a whole when the United States are affected by the oil crisis in 1973. In recent decades, Dodge doing new things and trying to evolve over time. The brand also in America, is available in international markets such as Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Mexico and others.