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Chevrolet also known as Chevy brand founded by Louis Chevrolet in 1911, who is a swiss engineer. It is a trademark of generous, style and grace, later developed by the founder of American General Corporation William C. Durant. In 1918, General Motors acquires the Chevrolet. Alfred Sloan positioned production of the Chevrolet brand in land vehicles compete against Henry Ford cars and it specifically Model T in 1920. Chevrolet continues to compete with Ford and in the 20s, 30s and 40s.

In the 50s and 60s, Chevrolet has a significant influence on the American automobile market. In 1953 company produced Chevrolet Corvette, which was a two-seater sports car. In 1957, Chevy introduced its first engine with fuel injection. In 1960, they introduced Corvair, which is air-cooled engine, mounted in the rear. In North America, Chevrolet sells and produces a wide variety of automobiles from small cars to commercial trucks.

In 2005, GM relaunched the Chevrolet marque in Europe, using rebadged models of the Daewoo cars produced by GM Korea. Chevrolet has outlets in many countries  around the world, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Russia, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia. Chevrolet group is currently recovering from the economic downturn in 2007 - 2010 year. To protect the company, GM began developing more fuel efficient cars and trucks to compete with foreign cars like Toyota and Honda.

Presently, sales of Chevrolet are stable. Sales have increased as a result of new cars, Cruze, Volt, and the new design Equinox and Malibu. In late 2010, General Motors started producing small electric car Chevrolet Volt. In 2012, GM expects to  grow about 60,000 units of Volt cars.

Head Gasket SetChevrolet Spark 2005

795.00 Rand (ZAR)
Rocker Cover Chevrolet Captiva 2010

11500.00 Rand (ZAR)
Piston Chevrolet Cruze 2012

750.00 Rand (ZAR)
Power Steering PumpChevrolet Cruze 2012

6500.00 Rand (ZAR)
Power Steering PumpChevrolet Cruze 2012

2000.00 Rand (ZAR)
AlternatorChevrolet Spark 2012

1250.00 Rand (ZAR)
Power Steering PumpChevrolet Cruze 2012

2000 Rand (ZAR)
Power Steering PumpChevrolet Cruze 2012

2000 Rand (ZAR)
EngineChevrolet Captiva 2011

1000.000 Rand (ZAR)
Engine Oil CoolerChevrolet Cruze 2013

4995 Rand (ZAR)