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Since its first cars manufactured in 1910 and famous cars driven by James Bond in the latest models Brera, Spider, MiTo, Giulietta and 159 models , which is Italian pride, brand Alfa Romeo is known for its cunning and futuristic inzhenerrstvo , durable style and reliable performance of the engine. Parts of Alfa Romeo is one of the best in the history of serial vehicles, whether the vehicle is intended for personal use or use on the track .

spare parts for Alfa Romeo, as well as accessories have been tried and tested for reliable operation even in the most energetic terms. Now, if your aim is to improve the engine of your car Alfa Romeo, you can buy a specific car parts for Alfa Romeo from here. Some of the items available in our website for the Italian car brand are headlights and bumpers for Alfa Romeo, gearboxes and engines for Alfa Romeo, exhaust systems for Alfa Romeo and many others .

Only now you have the chance to use and easy to find original parts for Alfa Romeo and tuning parts that can increase horsepower , torque and driveability of the vehicle . Cars Auto Stores and spare parts for Alfa Romeo operating within us ensure the offered parts, regardless of whether they are new or second hand . Parts for Alfa, bought from the site will improve engine performance and power .

If you are looking to replace some old , worn or damaged parts, such as brake pads and brake discs, seals the lid of the cylinder head , radiator and other parts and components , you can simply send request from our website for new and used parts . Browse our catalog today to find the best quality spare parts for Alfa Romeo at low prices well below regular retail prices on Auto Stores . This will give you a huge savings every time you buy parts from us. So if you want high quality parts for Alfa Romeo, which do not cost much , buy from us at this time !

History automotive brand Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer company , founded in 1910 in Milan . The original headquarters of Alfa Romeo is located in Naples. 1913 has produced the first racing car from Alfa Romeo. In 1915 the factory was managed by Nicola Romeo , which converts it to the production of military equipment .

At the end of World War II, Alfa Romeo began mass production of small vehicles. Alfa Romeo participated very successfully in races such as the Grand Prix and Formula 1 , and in 1925 became world champion in Grand Prix. In 1952 , Alfa Romeo experimenting on their first compact front-wheel drive . In 1960 , the brand became known for the production of cars for the Italian police and government .

In 1970 production sports car , which won the World Cup in 1977. In the 90s Alfa Romeo rely on traditional avant-garde style combined with sporty vehicle included in the GTA version of the 147 hatchback . Alfa Romeo is one of the first car manufacturers to test electrical systems for fuel injection. At a later stage, they make a lot of mechanical changes in Valve Alfa Romeo Spider.

electronic variable valve Valve introduced in Alfetta. More recent changes include complete CAD design used in the Alfa Romeo 164 in the design of the car. Alfa Romeo 156 is the first passenger car in the world to use Common rail diesel engine. Also new is the Selespeed system used in the Alfa Romeo 156 . Multiair - electro- hydraulic variable technology used in MiTo in 2009. Alfa Romeo strive to make 170,000 sales in 2011.

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