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Aixam is a French automobile manufacturer located in Aix-les-Bains-Savoie. It was founded in 1983 for making microcars in the old AROLA plant after that the company failed. In 1992, they returned making a variety of standard sized cars under the Mega brand. In 2002, Aixam was just manufacturing diesel and electric car series of micro-vans and light utility vehicles.

The Aixam versions 400, 500 and 500.5 are basic vehicles mechanically by today's standards. The diesel version fixed with a two-cylinder 500 cc Kubota Z482-E Industrial engine rated at 11.5 bhp. The petrol versions used a Lombardini 505 cc twin-cylinder of approx 19.5 bhp, and then petrol cars fitted with fuel-injection. The transmission system operated by Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) supplied by CVTech-IBC.

The company now makes the Aixam A.7XX series powered by Kubota diesel engines with a microcar comparable with the Smart. A significant variation is that some of the smaller models further limited to 45 km/h (30 mph).  These mini cars permitted to run without a driver's license in countries such as Belgium, Estonia, France, Slovenia Romania, Spain, and Slovenia, but not the UK. In 2006, Mega launches Electric Mega City of the British International Motor Show and in 2009 acquired the assets of NICE Car Company.

With the production of nearly 13,000 vehicles per year and the development of the distribution network in France, Aixam takes his place as leader. Since 2006, Aixam is considered the largest manufacturer of small cars in countries such as England, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Holland, Italy, Greece, Norway, Luxembourg, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania and France.